Flight Sim Labs Reveals its FSL Control Center

07 Sep 2021 13:00z

The developers behind the popular A32X series, Flight Sim Labs, has shared the first previews for its upcoming FSL Control Center. The new application will serve as the company’s solution to providing customers with a quick and easy way to install products, updates and liveries.

The new FSLabs Control Center will allow users to manage their entire product library from one application. The primary aim has been designed to allow a one-stop update facility for the product line and improve the experience with micro-updates rather than full reinstalls for every update. You will be able to easily uninstall any products, update them and also deactivate license keys should you change hardware, without the need to contact support for any reactivation issues. Lefteris also confirmed that the platform can be used to install liveries, airline packs, and also enter details for Hoppie ACARS and Simbrief.

Flight Sim Labs Reveals its FSL Control Center

Perhaps most exciting is the news that Flight Sim Labs will be using this tool to open up the possibility for customers can choose to be part of an open testing channel. This ‘experimental’ channel will allow those who opt-in to try out new features or updates before they’re officially released as stable.

As the utility is reliant on client-server operations, there will be a staggered release process in order for the team to assess the platform and acquire feedback from customers. Initially, the team are looking at selecting a number of customers from those who fill out the Flight Sim Labs application from. Following that, the team will gradually open up testing to more people until the team feel the platform is stable for a wide release.

Sadly no news on Concorde (which is due in 2021) or any other aircraft from Flight Sim Labs was mentioned in the most recent post. Suffice to say, this new tool will be a play a key role and make installing whatever FSL have coming next much easier than before.

For more on Flight Sim Labs, why not watch our video on how to get the EFB set up and how to use it on an external device.

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