Flight Sim Labs Releases A320-X/A319-X v2.0.2.347 Update

Flight Sim Labs (FSLabs) has released its highly anticipated v2.0.2.347 update for their A320-X and A319-X. This update includes a significant number of new features and updates. A long time in the making, this update…

Posted: 12-Apr-2019 @ 11:42z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:16z
Flight Sim Labs Releases A320-X/A319-X v2.0.2.347 Update

Flight Sim Labs (FSLabs) has released its highly anticipated v2.0.2.347 update for their A320-X and A319-X. This update includes a significant number of new features and updates. A long time in the making, this update has been hindered by a number of delays however it is now out to the public.

Some of the stand out features of this update include a fully modelled ATSU menu, a host of new visual features which include the likes of advanced icing, all windshield and airframe effects on the A320-X that are currently found on the A319-X and much more. The full feature list for this extensive update can be found below.

This update is available for P3D v4.2 – 4.5 and can be downloaded via FSLabs’ redownload service. For full information regarding this update, head to this FSLabs forum post.

Next up from FSLabs will be their A321-X aircraft which will bring a highly accurate rendition of the big brother of the A320 family into P3D. Thereafter we will have the sharklets added which will complete FSLab’s current 320 plans and most of the 320 family bar the A318.

As already mentioned this update has been a long time coming but it seems worth the wait with the significant range of exciting new features that have been added in this update.

Features & Fixes

ADR wind effects added
Logic fix for analog wire settings for speed conditions

Fix for post stall conditions
Fix for high AoA flaps Cl/AoA
Fix for CONF3 issues

Air Conditioning / Pressurization
Reduced avionic heat energy
Added logic for jetway air conditioning (EXT AIR)
Warm air added to Ground A/C logic
Temperature selectors no longer full cold on startup

Frozen fuel overlays opacity adjusted

FUEL REPORT page now shows Gallons when units are LBS
Fix for default PLN adding points with null lat/lon
Boarding page now alter water and catering load
Fix for OFP Data STD being next day.
Fix for Loadsheet revisions being over MZFW/MTOW
Fix for PFPX profile EOBT to use ETD not STD
Fix for files not being recognized / crash resulting
Fix for reading files with different encoding

Fuel pump leak fixed

PACK REGUL FAULT logic added

Eng 2 BV fix

ABCU 1000psi limit logic fix
ABCU now takes over if both BSCU systems are out

Spurious N/W STRG offline report fixed with single BSCU subsystem offline

Now correctly propagates label 126 (FLIGHT PHASE)

CIDS / Doors
Fix for Cabin Memo
Fix for Auto Door 1L ini parameters
Fix for Cabin Ready repetitive call

Subsystem automatic switching when power loss is exhibited

Logic fix for CARGO SMOKE TEST

Small fix for 1L auto-closing logic

SD FCTL: Aileron limits reduced appropriately for flaps-out settings
E/WD: N1 Mode Amber XXs position adjusted (EMER ELEC CONFIG etc)
Lower ECAM SD CRUISE page shows temps in F if selected in MCDU OPTIONS
Upper ECAM TLA Ref smoothing applied
Correct FCDC channel selection switchover applied for PFD FM
Logic for SD FCTL page to not show when NWS is done via pedals / comma key
MCDU OPTIONS DMC MetricAlt option added (default OFF) for PFD
SD FCTL page: Rudder Trim amber crosses no longer displayed with single FAC off

Fix for HUNDRED ABOVE / MINIMUMS aurals when DH was entered and then removed

Snow T-ice tuning
Bump maps added to snow/ice/frost textures
Rain/Snow/Icing infrastructure improvements

EFIS Font size now equal to FCU
Font size tweaks
Settings on default panel state logic fix
FD now properly handled when single DC supply available
Baro switch now maintains setting through full screen/window switch

Modulated Idle logic improved

A.Prot protections logic improvements
Alpha Prot dependency on AoA improved
Small tweak in elevator unloading logic
Manual flight Elevator unloading logic improvements
High Speed Protection logic improvements
ALT* oscillation fixed
Fix for going out of trim under certain spike conditions
Fix to prevent flight control lock ups in certain scenarios

Added logic for jetway power capability (EXT PWR)
Fire P/B now immediately disconnects IDG / GCU contactor
Logic gap with TDO / TDC relays timer resetting fixed
GALLEY FAN logic reenabled
Tweaked EXT PWR load bearing significance to frequency / voltage dropout

EIU (FRV-related) logic fixes
HP Fuel Valve logic fixes
Proper 28VDC fault handling added (DC ESS BUS FAULT related logic)
Engine #2 FADEC now turns off with #2 Fire button
Thrust lever controls live engine only when single engine ops on ground

External Model
Cargo door selector animation link fix
Slat and skin anomation fix
Reflection scale settings fix
geometry fixes
CFM engine rim smoothing
Elevator position reverted
Cargo door animation fixes
Cargo door stretching fix
IAE engines animation fix
CFM blades geometry fix
CFM cones clipping fix
(A320 only) fuselage mapping issue fix
Wing fairings and spoilers animation fix
CFM opacity disc texture improvements
CFM flickering polygon fixed
IAE cargo door detail fixed
Nose gear door closing animation smoothened
Fix for fast and slow engine blade disks
CFM engine updates
Fuselage Emergency exits texture separated
Wings ice overlays fixed
transparency for overlays above cockpit fixed
(CFM) Engine blades geometry improved
(CFM) Engine materials improved
Right wing outer fairing mapping fixed
A320-X now contains 180 seats
Seat armrest issues fixed
320 model passenger seats replaced with HD version
Belly mapping fixes and updated bump maps
Flap markings position corrections
Flaps animation improved to match proper angles for CFM and IAE
Several minor geometry fixes
Default FSL livery now all-white
New detailed paintkit
Reworked fuselage mapping and textures
Fix for hairline showing between sections
Ice overlays addition
Added missing decal on CFM engines and reworked pylons meeting cowling geometry
Several geometry fixes
Reworked animation on all pax doors door handle now closes by default on full open
Pax doors and windows fixed to avert light bleeding through
Horizontal stabilizer mapping fix to make the gap (fuse meeting point) smaller
Spoiler cylinders added skin wingflex animation
Slide hook on left wing placement

A.Floor protections logic improvements
Alpha Floor dependency on AoA improved
Rudder trim wiring fix for FAC2
Rudder trim indication change to dashes when both FACs faulty
SD FCTL page trim and limiter indication logic improved
Subsystem healthy/inop status logic improvements

Thrust reverse logic fixed

Fix for FCU 100/1000 switch initializations
Dual Failure now sets EFIS Baro to 1013/29.92

Flight Model
Specific drag/lift polar per each wing profile configuration with higher resolution than default P3D Model: modification of alpha max with slats and flaps for realistic Vs1G aoa.
Compressibility effect on lift reducing alpha max with mach
Improved wave drag effect
Improved drag model regarding Reynolds variation, increasing drag with altitude
Improved effect of spoilers on lift and drag
Added new component drag : gear doors,  landing gear, lighting light, trim position
High definition weight and balance model with more precision regarding crew positions
Modeled water and waste tanks with associated transfer and CG impact when flushed

FIX INFO RETURN LSK now works correctly
WPT description fix for PD-type legs (deadlock fix)
INIT B page wind display rounding issues fixed
Logic adjusted for PD leg creation
Logic adjusted for terminal leg display when EFIS range > 80nm
Fix for DEPT removal
Fix for Pause at TOD
Fix for TOD time calculation
Improvement in processing of AOC Messaging
Engine out Altitude now saved properly
CLB winds now populating properly
INIT A Ground Temp logic revised
Logic to allow 160/320nm EFIS Range declutter on ND FPLN leg display
ENTER DEST DATA logic added
PERF TO V-Speeds logic fix
Updated equivalency check for wind data (Vertical points)
Winds logic improvements
History wind on ground generation logic fix
Logic added for more ILS approach types to be taken into account for ILS/LOC
position determination
Preferred localizer logic added for runway index used in APP listing
(corrects LDA / ILS approach navaid autotuning selection)
Issue with abnormal leg ordering fixed
LAT REV page available for legs prior to MAPT and ENABLE ALTN separation
FPM internal memory re-pairing logic improvement (performance fix)
Protection against abnormal conf settings during T/O and APPR phases (predictions loss)

G-Limits reworked for CLB/GA performance improvements
Various S7 logic fixes
IDP: AP properly dropped when onside FMGC shuts down
EXP modes logic fix

Electrics supply failure detection and ARINC bus disabling appropriately

Friction Model
Ice condition parameters tuned

FSL Configurator
Airline packages now update fltsim.cfg
Selective modification of AppCompatFlags in HKU/HLM restricted
specifically to RUNASADMIN and IgnoreFreeLibraries for FSL prefixed DLLs

Fix for half-box display logic
Missing fuel pump wiring restored
Center tank pump logic improvements
FLSCU logic fixes
FRV logic fixes
Spurious CTR TK FAULT logic fixes
Fuel leak in fuel return logic fixed
APU Fuel Pump watt consumption decreased to allow proper EMER ELEC

STS button clearing logic fixed
Logic tweak for proper SSM handling in some cases
Fix for 5 and 10 RA Pins
Fix for LOC / GS scale deviation flash logic in some scenarios
SDAC 2 now correctly selected on-side FWC 2
Invalid FWC phase logic fix
FAC 2 FAULT logicsheet added

Engine icing effects enabled
Window heat logic improvements
Ice / snow effects completed
Frost / snow / ice simulation logic fixes
Deicing state on flight load fixes
Type III deicing removed (only used on prop planes)
More realistic holdover time simulation

HPA/HG load selection fixed

External cockpit dome light effects tuned
Wing lights tuned
Added galley lighting
Added cabin lighting
NAV light splash intensity tuned
NAV splash lights fix
Landing light beams show in rain/fog from VC
Landing light effects tuned
Landing light effects in fog fixes
Fix for internal overhead lights turning on from C&D with knob at OFF position

If MSN not specified, defaults to “FSL1”

Load / Save capabilities
Timer logic fixes

Lower Pedestal
Rudder trim display now shows correct font size in 2D panels

Moved PRINTER function from ATSU
Panel State save/load pages now show unavailable in the air
PERF APPR page now accepts “NO” or “NODH” or “NO DH” as entries
and now shows “NO DH” instead of “NO”
PERF APPR page: Extended QNH Range (inHg) corrected

Fix for ILS backcourse beam lateral deviation

Panel States
GPU available with Cold & Dark state

Improved Cargo distribution (A319-X only)
Dynamic empty weight configurations added
Pax seat config logic added
FMA Speed boxed drawing timer fix

Thermal inertia logic tweaks

Seatbelts now automatically activated when CabAlt > 11300

Issue with long registration cutoff fixed

Logic fix for CFM model to allow 40deg max angle
Slats half speed logic fix

logic improvements for SPD BRK AUTO RET

CFM Eng 2 buzz fix
Captain seat sound fix
Fix for PA sounds stopping after takeoff if cabin ready not played
Seatbelt sign sound volume increase with doors open
Fix for Avionics inlet / outlet sounds playing briefly when ON GPU is selected

CFM spoilers logic fix when reverse selected

Added option to inhibit rudder axis from affecting
nose wheel steering (requires P3D v4.5)

Cabin door effect on cabin temperature adjusted

THS change rate now 1.0deg/sec with both hyds available, 0.5deg/sec
with single hydraulic channel

Mode C Logic corrected

Virtual cockpit
DU F/O text overlay panel fix
MIP vertex fix
small animation lag issues fixed
Animation smoothing for various switches
Nose gear shadow added
Dirty windows now saved per airframe
Ice detector geometry improved
3d ice particle overlays added
Comms panel polygon fixes
Windshield gap fixed
CPT & FO tables and footrests clickspots tweaked
MSN registration now editable through fltsim.cfg entry
3D needles added to DDRMI gauge
3D needles added to Triple brake pressure gauge
Window Snow effects added
Flight stick (captain side) lateral animation restored
Milky windscreen bug resolved
Pedestal knobs mapping and textures reworked to fit the way the shades are worked on P3D
External models’ nose shadow model visible from the VC replaced to take the respective colors of the paintkit
External models’ tail, engines and gear added for shadowing purposes
Reversed mapping on right wing’s wingtip fixed
Window lights switches animation restored and label textures transparency fixed
Tiny gaps fixed on glareshield, main panel and window frames

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