Flight FX Releases SF50 Vision Jet G2 for MSFS

The single-engine very light jet is now available on the Marketplace

First announced over a year ago Flight FX has released their SF50 Vision Jet G2 for MSFS. The developer promises that the popular VLJ has been recreated in stunning detail without sacrificing performance while still offering loads of options that simmers will be sure to enjoy.

Flight FX incorporated Working Title’s Garmin G3000 avionics suite which has been augmented to include customisations and features to closely match the real aircraft’s Garmin Perspective glass cockpit. Updates include custom CAS messages, aircraft system synoptic pages, interactive checklists, and engine indicating system (EIS) display. Additional improvements are expected as Working Title continues expanding the capabilities of its G3000 product.

The SF50 Vision Jet’s customisation options extend well beyond the avionics. For example, the SF50 features a dynamic registration system that allows the user to change the aircraft registration on the registration placard, aircraft livery, and other locations via MSFS’s built-in options. Further, Flight FX has included a V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System) page that utilises the Garmin Touch Controller screens to manage sim-related features such as static visual elements (aircraft cover, chocks, cowl plugs, etc.), luggage and seating configuration presets, and more. Lastly, a professionally-recorded sound set unique to the Vision Jet adds to the immersion.

You can find the Flight FX SF50 Vision Jet G2 for both PC and Xbox on the MSFS Marketplace for $24.99 USD.


  • Model tested by real-world Vision Jet pilots.
  • A reworked and optimized navigation suite based off of the Working Title G3000 (included in the package).
  • Custom V.A.M.S. (Virtual Aircraft Management System) that controls all aspects of aircraft status.
  • Bose Active Noise Reduction system that can be activated right from the V.A.M.S.
  • Three different seating configurations that match its real-life counterpart (Executive, Family and Complete).
  • Custom-built Initialization Screen.
  • Custom G3000 integrated checklists.
  • Dynamic aircraft registration appears on placard, Primary Flight Display, aircraft storage cover, and chocks.
  • Radio frequency IDs built into the PFD.
  • Engine and Aircraft performance pages.
  • Accurate interior/exterior lighting design, including the iconic courtesy lights setup.
  • Accurate two-step start procedure synonymous to the Vision Jet.
  • Revamped fuel reporting system to mimic the real-life aircraft.
  • Selectable ground power unit with custom audio.
  • Interactive luggage and loading system with prepopulated weights and trip selections.
  • Custom emergency gear deployment system.
  • Integrated CAS messages and audio warnings.

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Flight simming since the early 1990s, Trevor has accumulated countless hours across many different platforms, most recently MSFS and X-Plane. He is also a commercial, multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot who lives with his family in Colorado, USA.
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