Fenix Simulations Bringing the EFB to the A320

11 Oct 2021 11:05z

On Friday, Fenix Simulations gave another detailed development update for their upcoming A320 in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This development blog update focuses on the EFB that is being added to the aircraft product.

Whilst the team took some time to take a break from weekly updates, development work continued on the EFB which is taking shape nicely in the aircraft. Whilst, the feature is still heavily in development, this was now a good time to share some images and features for the component. Starting with the overall look, the team opted to use a generic non-specific look but one that uses a high resolution. In fact, the team detailed that it uses a 2048x1536px resolution on a v024×768 viewing portal. This emulates display tech found in modern tablets and gives a sharp and clear image on the screen.

The tablet will come with a number of ‘apps’ which allows you to access various features. For example, you will be able to use Navigraph Charts and SimBrief. In addition, takeoff and landing performance calculators are being worked on and will be integrated – although this wasn’t shown off at the time. Another small feature of the tablet will be the ability to change the background to whatever you like. Perhaps more impressively is the fact Fenix say they have simulated the charge and discharge characteristics of a lithium-ion battery. You will need to keep your tablet charged and plugged in or you may find yourself without it. Finally, it was confirmed you will be able to use the tablet on real piece of hardware, too, providing your PC is hooked up to the local area network.

Fenix Simulations Bringing the EFB to the A320

Although the development update focused heavily on the EFB, the team said that “progress is good” on the plane as the team awaits Sim Update 6. With Sim Update 6 having a change to the aerodynamic model, the team will hope to be polishing the final intricacies with the flight model. That said, they shared that the plane is already flying well even for complicated and challenging approaches. This was highlighted by the RNAV X approach for runway 12 in Ponta Delgada, where the Fenix A320 flew itself and respected the constraints all the way until minima. There are some examples on the Fenix blog if you want a more in-depth look.

Finally, the visual team continues to refind the aircraft, including the PBR mapping and weathering effects on the plane. Alongside that, the livery artists continue to produce quality looking liveries.

As work continues, be sure to check out 30 minutes of footage of the plane in action, or our first look article. There’s also a number of other feature reviews you can check out including the pneumatic systems, CDPLC functionality and also the MCDU and FMGS.

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