Fenix A320 Development Update: Performance, CDPLC and New Livery Previews

06 Aug 2021 16:52z

It’s been a few weeks since we last heard from Fenix Simulations about their upcoming A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team decided that this week they would skip their in-depth feature review and instead offer some lighter reading. The reason for this lighter approach is to enable the team to focus their efforts on the continued development of the plane, especially after the recent update to the simulator.

Addressing the recent Sim Update, Fenix Simulations said that they survived the update relatively unscathed. Apart from a few tweaks here and there, the plane was “perfectly serviceable,” but did benefit from the additional performance found in the update. Other than oddities with the rendering of glass and a few other tweaks, the plane in the newest update appeared fine.

When looking at performance, the team at Fenix Simulations has managed to achieve performance that is better than the default A320 Neo in the simulator. In the example shared, the sim is rendered in 4K on a 1440p display at ultra settings. Both shots have the aircraft sat on the runway at JFK’s runway 31L. As you can see, the Fenix Simulations A320 is achieving 42.1 frames per second, versus 41.7. Although only a fraction better, for a third-party aircraft with plenty of system and detail under the hood, this is impressive. Fenix did say that this may change in the future, but they are working hard to optimise everything as best as possible to get the best performance from the product.

Another feature that has been heavily requested on their Discord is CPDLC. Despite having only started development on the feature a week ago, the team have already got to the point where testing of it can begin soon. They even managed to showcase it in action with a few screenshots.

Finally, a number of new liveries were shown. Focusing on more historic paints, the number of liveries already shown is highly impressive. It’s worth noting that, where possible, all liveries have correct exit signage, markings, decals and warning symbols. In fact, the detail goes one step further with text translated into the operator’s native language on non-Englishing speaking based aircraft.

As Fenix Simulations continues to develop the plane, additional in-depth feature reviews will be shared. However, the team is hard at work and there’s even a tease that beta testing for the plane will begin in a “few short weeks.”

Want to find out more about the Fenix Simulations A320? There have been two in-depth previews so far; one on the FMGS/MCDU and another on the hydraulics and fuel. If that’s not enough, check out our first look impression article or the original announcement post. If you have a burning question, our FAQ article will help you out. Finally, check out this video of the A320 in action as it approaches Sydney for an ILS landing.

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