Eagle Dynamics Releases DCS: Normandy 2.0 Map

You can now enjoy the World War Two map in even more detail.

Eagle Dynamics Releases DCS: Normandy 2.0 Map

The Normandy 2.0 map for DCS World has been released in early access. The map is 2.4 times larger than the previous Normandy 1944 map. It combines the coverage areas of Normandy 1944 as well as The Channel map into one epic battlefield. The map spans all the way from London to Paris, adding in new airports, cities and landmarks along the way.

At the same time, Normandy 1944 received a significant update to its size to be the same as the Normandy 2.0 map. By doing so, 1944 and 2.0 are compatible with each other and users running the 1944 map can still run friends or servers running the 2.0 map, but will enjoy less detail. Normandy 2.0 users can also join friends or servers running the 1944 and enjoy their more detailed maps.

Normandy 2.0 is available in early access for $47.99 USD. However, there are several upgrade options available for those who own Normandy 1944, The Channel map or both. For those that own one of the current maps, the upgrade price will be just $14.99. For those that own both, this price is brought down to $9.99.


  • Highly-detailed, accurate and realistic virtual environment modeled on the Normandy region 
  • over 100,000 buildings, towns, and cities that you can explore 
  • Advanced graphics engine delivers stunningly realistic and immersive visuals, which lets you feel like you’re flying in the actual plane. 
  • Realistic sound effects, including engine noise, gunfire, and explosions, 
  • Various training missions and campaigns, which allow you to hone your flying skills in different scenarios 
  • In the Early Access, three seasons of the year will be available; spring, summer and autumn.
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