Drzewiecki Design Releases Warsaw Modlin Airport for MSFS

21 Oct 2021 11:03z

Drzewiecki Design has released Warsaw Modlin Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Situated 25 miles from Warsaw in Poland, this is a faithful recreation of the airport that is almost exclusively used by Ryanair. Despite the low-cost carrier being the only airline to visit, Warsaw Modlin Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Poland. Ryaniar takes passengers to locations across Europe to locations in Greece, Spain, Italy, and more.

The airport has been modelled with a high-level of accuracy, featuring an up-to-date version of the airport with a number of details throughout. This includes features such as interior modelling, accurately made hangars, custom animations and also dynamic night lighting. Furthermore, the airport comes with a detailed mesh that has an exact runway profile. Finally, there is also a number of landmarks in the surrounding area for a great approach or takeoff from the airport.

Drzewiecki Design’s Warsaw Modlin Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available from simMarket for €15.00. If you own any version of the airport from another platform (even the FS2004 version), you can upgrade for €13.50. All prices, do note, exclude any taxes.


  • High-quality model of EPMO Warsaw Modlin Airport, featuring the up-to-date version with extensive details throughout the whole airport
  • FPS-friendly design, with epic night textures, dynamic lighting, and PBR materials
  • High definition mesh including exact runway profile
  • Performance-friendly interior modelling at terminal buildings, hangars and the control tower, advanced night lighting, custom animations
  • Several landmarks from the surrounding area

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