Developer Month 2019: Week Three Re-Cap

Welcome to Developer Month 2019. Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews…

Posted: 28-Apr-2019 @ 18:00z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:16z
Developer Month 2019: Week Three Re-Cap

Welcome to Developer Month 2019Between April 8th and May 8th 2019, we will feature a variety of developers, publishers, community personalities and more who will tell us their story. From written interviews and blog posts to video interviews and more, we have curated a range of interesting content to maybe even inspire you to be one of these developers in future years. Please enjoy Developer Month 2019 as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

We couldn’t have put together Developer Month without the support of all the developers & publishers involved. Also, huge thanks to Thrustmaster for their assistance in sponsoring Developer Month.

April 28th: Week Three Re-Cap

Three weeks in and Developer Month is still going strong. We start the week off with a team effort from the guys at FlyJSim. We then go solo with Josh Mendoza from REX Simulations in our hour long video interview, followed on by some words of advice from Ben at Airline2Sim. With FlightSimExpo only a few weeks away, we had to spend time with two of the team responsible for the event. Finally, we conclude the week with two incredible scenery developers: MK-Studios and Jarrad Mashall from Orbx.

April 22nd 2019 – FlyJSim

Today, members of the FlyJSim got together to tell us all about themselves, their development processes and more. Also, this month marks the 8-year anniversary of the original Q400 on X-Plane by the team, so there is certainly a reason to celebrate. Finally, FlyJSim also gives us a glimpse into what we could expect in the future.

You can read the full interview here.

April 23rd 2019 – Josh Mendoza from REX Simulations

Whilst we had REX Simulations give us a night blog the other day, their Community Manager, Josh Mendoza, was available to meet up in person to talk about him. I travelled to San Francisco to meet up, where we spent the afternoon exploring the wonderful city and grab some delicious food at Fisherman’s Wharf. In this video, Josh and I speak about how he become a recognised name and face in the community, the challenges he faces being in the middle of developers and the community and some of his other hobbies and passions.

You can read the full interview here.

April 24th 2019 – Airline2Sim

Airline2Sim is well known for their high-quality and beautifully detailed videos and tutorials for a range of products. Their Airline2Sim products focus on giving a series of training videos. They have worked on the brilliant 777 training package, along with the detailed Q400 pack covering everything from day-to-day operations to some scary emergency situations. Whilst aircraft are Airline2Sim’s bread and butter, they recently released their Airport2Sim series which featured how real-world pilots navigate Amsterdam Airport.

In today’s Developer Month interview, we speak to Ben from Airline2Sim who gives us some awesome insight into his development process and motivation.

You can watch the full interview here.

April 25th 2019 – FlightSimExpo (Phil & Evan)

Whilst this pair may not strictly be developers, they are absolutely pivotal in the development community. Working tirelessly each year, Phil & Evan from Flight Sim Expo do everything they can to organise North America’s community-driven flight simulations conference. Join us as we discuss their favorite aspects of the event, why they work so hard to put the show on & how they are able to arrange to have so many people in one room at one time.

*Apologies if you find the audio quality less than ideal. We tried our best, but being near an airport probably wasn’t a smart move*

You can read the full interview here.

April 26th 2019 – MK-Studios

MK-Studios have been developing scenery for ESP sims for our simulators for a while now. Focusing on European destinations, the team have gone from strength to strength taking on community feedback to make their products better. Their last release was a free update to Tenerife South, with plenty more up their sleeves. Today they talk about their past products, what development tools they use and more.

You can read the full interview here.

April 27th 2019 – Jarrard Marshall from Orbx

Jarrad Marshall is one of the original developers at Orbx and has provided the community with many memorable scenery packages. Innsbruck, Jackson Hole and Cairns Airport are just some of his developments and all of the high-quality product has earned him with the honour of being one of the most prolific scenery developers in the community. In today’s interview, we discuss how it all started, his ambitions and which other developers he looks up to.

You can read the full interview here.

What about next week?

We will continue Developer Month 2019 next week with some exciting guests! Who will they be? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Thank you once again to everyone who has so far for taking part.

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