DCS: Aerges Engineering Team Mirage F-1 Early Access Released

Aerges Engineering Team Mirage F-1 Early Access released for Digital Combat Simulator.

Developer Aerges Engineering Team has released the long-awaited Mirage F-1 attack aircraft in early access for DCS World. The team has stated that the Early Access Mirage F-1CE will be available in an almost complete state first, with other Mirage F-1 models (EE, BE and M) to be added as development progresses.

The Mirage F-1 is a renowned single-engine French fighter jet from the Cold War era serving with the air forces of France, Iraq, Greece, Spain as well as many other countries and has seen action in many conflicts during its long career. Powered by a single SNECMA Atar 9K-50 turbojet engine delivering around 15,000lbf of thrust, the F-1 was originally designed as an all-weather interceptor for the French Air Force. As it evolved over the years into multiple variants, it became a competent multirole attack aircraft.

The Aerges Engineering Team Mirage F-1 is available now for $63.99 in Early Access. Upon full release, the module will cost $79.99.


  • Professional Flight Model (PFM) based on performance and engineering data of the real aircraft. Situations of high angle of attack and outside the flight envelope like stalls and spins are also accurately represented.
  • Extensive and detailed simulation of all flight systems.
  • Flight control system, both in its normal electro-hydraulic mode and in degraded modes.
  • SNECMA Atar 9K-50 engine including working envelope, damage, compressor stalls, flameouts and emergency modes.
  • Cyrano IV-M radar, a unique Cold War era radar in DCS.
  • Electric system.
  • Hydraulic system.
  • Fuel system.
  • Navigation suite: Navigation Indicator (IDN), TACAN, VOR.
  • Radios: TRAP 136 and TRAP 137B.
  • Electromechanical 1970s-era Thomson optical sight (a predecessor of present-day HUDs).
  • Integrated ALE-40 countermeasure suite.
  • Internal and external lighting.
  • Armament system.
  • RWR.
  • Extremely high-quality 3D model, based on blueprints and laser scanning of a real Mirage F1. Includes animations, lights and a damage model.
  • Very accurate 6-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) cockpit with realistic and detailed instruments and controls.
  • Variety of air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons, some of them not seen before in DCS:
  • Short range IR missiles: MATRA R550 Magic I, AIM-9 J, AIM-9 JULI, AIM-9 B.
  • Medium-range missiles: MATRA R530 IR and EM.
  • Rocket launchers: MATRA F1 and F4.
  • Antirunway Durandal and cluster Belouga bombs.
  • SAMP family of bombs (both free fall and parachute equipped)
  • Laser guided GBU-10, GBU-12 and GBU-16.
  • Other American and Spanish made bombs.
  • Sound modelling based on recordings from the real aircraft.
  • Extremely realistic flyable simulation of the Mirage F1 CE, EE, BE and M models. The EE, BE and M will be released after the initial release of the CE.
  • AI models for most other variants of the Mirage F1: C, CT, CR, EQ, EDA…
  • A vast variety of liveries for the different countries that operated the aircraft.
  • Interactive training and practice missions that will help you gain proficiency in the F1.
  • PDF user manual that will give you pilot-level understanding of all the systems in the aircraft.
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Matt Ashwood
Matt discovered his passion for aviation and flight simulation over 20 years ago with Flight Simulator 98, continuing all the way to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Matt works as a Freelance Web Designer & Digital Marketer by day and enjoys all things design and tech, building Lego and trying all different types of craft beers.
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