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DC Designs Showcase Concorde Development for MSFS

In their weekly Facebook blog post update, DC Designs showcases the further development to their next release, Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

DC Designs Showcase Concorde Development for MSFS

The blog post notes that the development is moving into the extra features stage which includes interactions between jetways, fuel trucks, baggage loading and ground power units. This development will allow pilots to manually control the weights, loads and fuel levels for their flight. Aircraft animations will also reflect this with ground power hatches and refuelling ports opening when these ground support vehicles are requested from ATC.

System developments include auto-pilot features such as max-climb, max-cruise and full ILS approaches and landings are capable at airports with Instrument Landing System along with some fine tuning of the flight model which reflects Concorde’s real-world performance. Although the flight model is ‘sublime’ it is still constantly being tweaked as testing continues.

Visually, Concorde’s engines are now PBR to match the rest of the aircraft and small tweaks are being made as the aircraft continues to its release date. Internally, lighting is yet to be addressed in the cabin but the improvements will brighten the overall feel of the cabin and cockpit when released.

Although the specific release date was not mentioned, it is evident that the majority of work is complete on Concorde and we should see the release imminently.

In closing, the developer detailed that they may be showcasing the F-14A Tomcat at the Wings over the Web Airshow on May 22nd 2022 with a 15 minute live demo should the organisers choose to schedule the aircraft into the show.

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