DC Designs Concorde Pricing Revealed

Not as expensive as a ticket on the supersonic jet once was.

Posted: 04-Feb-2022 @ 17:26z
DC Designs Concorde Pricing Revealed

DC Designs are not strangers to providing regular updates for how development is progressing. Whilst they usually reveal what section of their upcoming aircraft they’re working on, it’s rare to see pricing information revealed this far in advance of a release. Most developers keep their pricing close to the chest, but DC Designs has stepped out to confirm the pricing for Concorde.

Speaking on their Facebook page, DC Designs began by sharing a range of preview images for the upcoming supersonic jet. In particular, DC Designs said that work has been progressing nicely with the interior modelling of the cabin following a short break from the cockpit. Although the screenshots are a ‘work in progress’, DC Designs are keen to highlight that there are a few little extras that will be interactive in the cabin. It’s worth noting that this isn’t being designed to be a ‘passenger simulator’, but are being added for a little bit of fun.

Alongside the modelling work, CodenameJack has been hard at work with creating the fuel network system for Concorde. All 13 tanks are present, with 160 connecting fuel lines, 38 pumps and 34 valves. Each of them is connected to the relevant switch on the engineer’s panel and is “fully operational” in the simulator. This same level of detail is now being worked on for the electrical and hydraulic systems.

Next week, DC Designs will be working on other elements such as the animation of some panels, interior lighting and a few other smaller items. Once these pieces of work are complete, testing will begin as work on the manual and other areas are completed ahead of the release.

In response to recent events for other products, DC Designs said that their product is custom coded entirely and without the reliance on WASM gauges. This means, there should be no issues with the functionality of Concorde for console users.

Finally, the pricing for DC Design’s Concorde has been confirmed. After consideration, Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator will cost £27.99 / $39.99 / €34.95 and worldwide equivalents. In addition, if you’re already a DC Design Concorde owner in Prepar3D and want to upgrade to MSFS, the price will be less at £23.99 / $35.99 / €29.95.

We’ll continue to follow the progress for Concorde and be sure to report back once we learn more.

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