DC Designs’ Concorde Is Looking Shiny in MSFS

17 Sep 2021 17:08z

A series of new images from the upcoming DC Designs Concorde has appeared on Facebook courtesy of the developer. These new shots show the aircraft in numerous states and it’s looking pretty sharp in the simulator right now.

On Facebook, DC Designs said that the conversion from Prepar3D is currently ongoing and has been for some time now. In fact, the aircraft is already in the new simulator with many animations already working. In addition, Dean from DC Designs said that many features originally coded for the Prepar3D version carried over to Microsoft Flight Simulator and has given him a head-start.

Over the course of the next few months, time will be spent on ensuring that the aircraft looks as best as possible with new decals, panel lines, rivets, and true PBR. The cockpit is being rebuilt with new modelling and texture work.

In terms of system depth, DC Designs are being clear that whilst it won’t be “study-level” it will come with a number of features and quirks unique to the aircraft. For example, fuel transfer for pitch trim, step-climb profile and a realistic flight model with super-cruise. The product will also have a custom sound set, paint kit and use the in-sim checklist feature to help anyone get used to the aircraft.

The early previews of the aircraft are a work-in-progress, but more will be shown in the near future. Finally, it was confirmed that Concorde is intended to come to the Xbox version of the simulator as well.

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