Cross the Pond Eastbound 2021 Airports Announced

30 Sep 2021 09:33z

Cross the Pond Eastbound 2021 is taking place on October 30th on the VATSIM network and, as usual, the event is anticipating on extremely busy for simmers. If you’re new or unfamiliar, Cross the Pond is the bi-annual event on the online network that sees simmers travel across the Atlantic between airports on either side of the ocean.

The event on October 30th is the Eastbound event, meaning the event will start in the US and simmers will fly east towards the UK and Europe. The goal is to replicate at best the specific Oceanic procedures with full ATC from departure to arrival. The lack of radar coverage for traffic deconfliction above the Atlantic Ocean means that the aircraft must obtain a specific clearance, follow a given route and report their position regularly. During the event, over 850 pilots will be taking part, whilst 2o0 controllers will help them safely cross the pond.

As is always the case with Cross the Pond, the community took to the polls to decide which airports would be staffed for the North Atlantic crossing. This year, the departing locations include airports in Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Miami and New York. Arrival destinations include Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, London and Paris. The full list of airports involved this year is down below.

It’s worth noting that other locations may be ‘live’ during the event, but the below airports are those that are confirmed to be fully staffed and serve as the official event airports.

You can prepare for the event now by checking out our Pilots Guide. The guide is based on last year’s Eastbound event, but many of the principles will apply. We’ll of course provide pilots with a new guide in time for the event. You can keep up to date with the event over on the official website. Which airports are you looking forward to flying to this year?


  • KBOS Boston Logan International Airport
  • KORD Chicago O’Hare International Airport
  • KATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta
  • KJFK John F. Kennedy Airport
  • KMIA Miami International Airport
  • CYYZ Toronto Pearson
  • KIAD Washington Dulles International Airport


  • EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • LEBL Barcelona
  • EDDB Berlin Brandenburg
  • EIDW Dublin
  • EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
  • EGLL London Heathrow
  • LFPG Paris Charles De Gaulle
  • LOWW Vienna International Airport

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