Cross the Land: Westbound Airport Briefing Materials Released

Final preparations are underway for tomorrow’s big VATSIM event.

Simmers taking part in tomorrow’s highly anticipated VATSIM event “Cross the Land: Westbound” can now view the relevant briefing materials on the team’s discord server.

The files, released earlier today, are crucial for simmers looking to ensure their time in the virtual skies over the Middle East and Europe is smooth and without issues. The briefings contain important information pertaining to, for instance, when you need to be ready for pushback, expected taxi routings, radio frequencies, which parking stand(s) you need to start your flight on, airspace and aircraft requirements.

Tomorrow’s event, which we previously covered here on FSElite, is fully booked and pilots without a confirmed take-off slot are asked not to depart from any of the event airports. If those without a slot do so anyways, lengthy delays on the ground and/or during the approach phase can be expected.

Simmers who booked a slot last week are also now being asked to confirm they are still available to fly by confirming their intention to fly at

Failure to do so will result in your slot being released and someone else possibly booking it instead, so be sure to confirm your slot to avoid missing out! For those without a slot who would like to fly, any slots which are not confirmed by 0730z on Saturday will be released and can be booked at short notice, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

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Matthew Kiff
Matt only found his simulator wings with MSFS in 2020, but is already thinking about his PPL while working with FSElite. In his day job, Matt works for a British Member of Parliament in the House of Commons.
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