Connect Any Real Aircraft’s Controls to Your Simulator

26 Sep 2021 21:03z

Here’s something a little more unique for you all. Developer Sim Your Plane has announced a new consumer-grade hardware kit that will allow you to literally connect any real-world aircraft and its controls to a simulator.

What and how? Well, essentially the Sim Your Plane kit comes with a number of sensors where you can simply attach it to key controls in any aircraft and then plug it into a PC and connect it to a simulator such as X-Plane. All of the consumer-grade kits of made in-house with American manufactured components.

By using Sim Your Plane, aircraft owners can use their aircraft as the flight control input device in the simulator. This means you won’t have to buy spare aircraft parts, find ways to hook them up to your sim and skip any other fuss.

The consumer-grade Sim Your Plane Kits are $299 and can be bought from their website. If you’re after the Pro-Grade kit, you can get them for $899.

The video below may help explain exactly what this kit can do.

Separately, Sim Your Plane has also revealed at FlightSimExpo 2021 a new 5-button or 5-axis USB-C computer HID gamepad board. Whether you’re a professional or enthusiastic cockpit builder, you can build now with ease.

We’ll be chatting with Ben from Sim Your Plane very soon in another exclusive interview so you can learn a bit more about them and their products.

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