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Coming Soon to Volanta: Activities, Schedules and Scenery Map

All-new features are coming soon to Volanta including real-world schedules, events and more.

Coming Soon to Volanta: Activities, Schedules and Scenery Map

Orbx’s free flight tracking tool, Volanta, saw its last major update back in August with the introduction of Volanta Premium and a host of other features. Since then, the team has continued to work on a series of changes, improvements and new features. Today, the Volanta team took to the Orbx forums to showcase some new features including all-new activities, schedules, scenery map, and more.

Whilst these features are still in development, the team were keen to share what Volanta v1.2 will bring once it does release.


The Activities page will see a major overhaul giving more reasons to fly in the simulator. This page will now act as a hub for all Volatna-powered experiences. You will be able to find new events, schedules, challenges and also a new feature called Aerocaches.

Real-World Schedules

One of the most requested features is the ability to view real-world schedules. Within Volanta, you will be able to find real-world flights and callsigns. The data is being fed into the system using accurate data, which is refreshed weekly. You can choose a departure airport and Volanta will visualise all the available destinations from that airport. You will be able to filter it by aircraft, flight time or airline.

Once chosen, you will see information such as local departure and arrival times, terminal+gate assignments (for some airports) and then be able to add them to your roster or simply fly now.

In addition, Volanta will soon be able to scan your scenery in MSFS, XP and P3D to show you more relevant airports helping you plan flights to locations where you have scenery installed.

The schedules feature will only be available for those who are Volanta Premium subscribers.


A new feature coming to Volanta is called Aerocaches. This new portion of the application will inject Volanta ‘tokens’ through the worlds of Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D v4+ in this global treasure hunt. Volatna will give you a clue and the general area and then you will have to fly through the Aerocache in order to capture it.

These aerocaches are dynamically injected into the simulator (it’s still optional), but will give you more reasons to fly around the world in search of these rare treasures.

Online Network Events

Volanta v1.2 will soon give you the ability to see the latest events happening on VATSIM or IVAO. They have aggregated their events into a single list on the platform. If you intend on flying, you can click the “I’m Going” button and then you will get notified 30-minutes before the event begins.

Coming Soon to Volanta: Activities, Schedules and Scenery Map

Scenery Map

As mentioned earlier, a new scenery map will be integrated with Volanta v1.2. This scans your simulator (MSFS, XPL, P3D) and display your installed scenery on the Volanta map. This will pair nicely with the Schedules feature mentioned above.

When Will Volanta v1.2 Come Out?

It’s unknown at this point, but the team continue to listen to feedback to improve the application.

If you haven’t done so, you can download Volanta for free right now. If you want to enhance your experience, you can become a Volanta Premium member for AU$6.35 per month or AU$63.50 per year.

To learn more about Volanta, check out our Volanta v1.1 video.

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