Colimata Shares Previews of Concorde FXP V2.0

Letting supersonic fans’ heartbeat accelerate, X-Plane aircraft developer Colimata has shared some initial previews and a changelog regarding their upcoming extensive upgrade to their Concorde FXP product.

Bringing the product up to version 2.0, the developer’s upcoming update will include some extensive changes and add some new features to the existing V1.50 of their Concorde replication. Beginning with some of the new features that will come included with the update, V2.0 of the developer’s Concorde product will allow users to directly program navigation coordinates using the 3D CIVA flight management system in the aircraft’s virtual cockpit. Also, a fully detailed fuel management system has been implemented, with each individual pump and valve being modeled, thus allowing users to try their hands at managing the aircraft’s weight and balance during the supersonic cruise. Finally, the developer has made it possible for customers to directly use AviTab when in the aircraft’s virtual cockpit.

Colimata Shares Previews of Concorde FXP V2.0

Moving on to some of the other announced changes, the developer indicates that the cockpit will benefit from a substantial retexturing, matching the used color palette more closely to that found in the aircraft’s real-world counterpart. Additionally, improvements made to the aircraft’s iconic visor, the implementation of new shadow settings and the introduction of improved cockpit night lighting will certainly help improve the level of user immersion. In addition to a detailed fuel management system being implemented, the engineering panel as a whole has received a significant overhaul, with all dials & switches now being dynamically animated, adding substantial interactive capabilities.

Finally, the outside model has also received some love. Corners of the external doors have been rounded, passenger windows light up at night, wing textures have been improved, & an animated Ram Air Turbine (RAT) has been added too.

In the developer’s forum post, the team indicates that although extensive, the change list is by no means fianl and that additional changes may be worked into the update as things progress. Current owners of Concorde FXP will be pleased to know that the team anticipates making the update available at little to no fee and that a release is currently being anticipated during this year’s fall/winter season.

As always, we will keep you updated regarding any future developments surrounding Colimata’s Concorde FXP V2.0 update. Until then, feel free to have a read over Colimata’s official forum post and I shall leave you with this: Can you feel it? The need …; the need for SPEED!

Change Log

  • NEW – Animated Ram Air Turbine
  • NEW – Automatic OR Manual fuel pumping system
  • NEW – AviTab directly shown inside the 3D cockpit
  • NEW – Brake temperature calculation, gauges and lights
  • NEW – Fuel dumping
  • NEW – Functional engine 4 N2 takeoff limiter
  • NEW – Manual route programming via 3D INS inside the cockpit
  • Improved cockpit instrument rounding
  • Improved cockpit lighting
  • Improved ground effect for smoother landings
  • Improved landing gear animation
  • Improved visor
  • Improved wing textures
  • DME1 + 2 plus HSI DME show decimals of miles
  • Engineer gauges dynamically animated
  • External doors frames are rounded
  • Lit passenger windows at night
  • New shadow setting
  • Additional bug corrections
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Yannick has always been an avid aviation enthusiast and he started out simming back in 2002 at the young age of 5 with FS2002. Ever since he has continued pursuing flight simulation as a hobby with the eventual goal of also making aviation his career. While Yannick currently primarily uses X-Plane 11 and Prepar3D, FS2020 and DCS have not skipped his radar.
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