Colimata Releases Concorde v2

Developer Colimata has released a new major version of their Concorde on X-Plane 11. The new version builds off of the original and adds a range of new features and functionality to improve the original release.

In the cockpit, Colimata has improved the instruments, improved the glass and also the overall cockpit lighting. The new version now features automatic or manual fuel pumping, along with new brake systems and failures. Outside has seen some improvements as well with better texturing, corrections to animations and additional animations. Colimata also says that this new version brings with it improved flight dynamics and better sound settings.

The news may come as a surprise to people as it’s been just two years since the original ‘early access’ release which promised to be continuously improved and updated. The last release for that version was back in December last year, with version 1.50. In order to get version 2 of the Colimata Concorde, users will need to pay an upgrade fee of around $5.00 on the store.

If you don’t own the original Colimata Concorde, you can buy Concorde v2 for $54.95.

New features:

  • Manual route programming via the 3D INS inside the cockpit
  • AviTab is shown directly in the 3D cockpit
  • Automatic or MANUAL fuel pumping


  • Cockpit Instruments are now better ROUNDED
  • Improved visor (textures, glass, and shadows)
  • New colors of the cockpit panels
  • Improved glas
  • New shadow setting
  • Better cockpit lighting
  • DME1 2 plus HSI DME now show decimals of miles
  • Autopilot MAX CLIMB speed closer to the speed limits
  • Autopilot IAS HOLD (by pitch change) angle limit raised to +/-15°
  • Reheat chronometer can be reset now
  • Temperature gauge: Heating up/cooling down more realistic
  • Working nose wheel steering levers (with joystick plugged in)
  • Automatic night lighting can be switched off
  • Bug fixes


  • Automatic or MANUAL fuel pumping
  • New fuel trim mode MANUAL
  • Fuel dumping is now possible
  • Brake temperature calculation, gauges, and lights
  • Failing brakes if overheated
  • All engineering gauges are dynamically animated
  • Much more interactive possibilities on the Engineering panel
  • Bleed air, Cabin temp., Hydraulics, Electrics, etc.
  • Engine 4 N2 Takeoff Limiter on/off functional
  • Bug fixes


  • The corners of the external doors are ROUNDED
  • Lit passenger windows at night
  • Texture corrections: Improved wing textures
  • Corrections on the landing gear animation
  • Improved textures of external vehicles
  • More animations and lights on the external vehicles
  • Animated Ram Air Turbine


  • Improved ground effect for smoother landings
  • Improved flight model


  • Better sound settings
  • Additional warnings, Copilot phrases
  • Trimbell volume can be adjusted now
  • Bug fixes
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Calum Martin
Content Director
Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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