Colimata Concorde FXP V3 Released for XP12

Colimata releases the latest version of their Concorde for XP12.

X-Plane developer Colimata has released the third version of their Concorde add-on exclusively for XP12. Compared to V2, V3 is designed to overhaul the overall look and feel of the aircraft.

One of the most iconic aircraft of the twentieth century, the Concorde was the result of a joint venture between the French and British to develop a supersonic passenger airliner. The aircraft achieved the once impossible by flying at two times the speed of sound, cutting transatlantic flying times in half. In addition to its unique flying capabilities, the Concorde was easily recognizable for its “paper dart” design, featuring an ogival delta wing and droop nose. Despite all the fanfare, Concorde was mainly operated by Air France and British Airways and was eventually retired in late 2003.

Version 3 of Colimata’s Concorde builds on the already detailed version 2 with many cosmetic and flight modeling changes. Some notable features in the cockpit include the use of 4K textures, over 1,000 click regions and over 700 custom lights, and new rain effects on the cockpit windows. On the outside, the aircraft is equipped with 4K textures and PBR materials and features detailed engine animations. Like version 2, version 3 includes FMOD 3D sound and automatic fuel trimming and allows flight simmers to choose between “standard” or “pro” complexity settings. New to version 3 is the full VR compatibility and ability to perform flight preparation duties in VR.

You can get your copy of the latest version of Colimata’s Concorde from the X-Plane store for $59.95 USD. However, at the time of writing, the aircraft is currently on sale for $54.95. In addition, owners of V1 or V2 will automatically receive a discount when purchasing V3.


  • Super detailed 3D cockpit
  • 4K cockpit textures including 100’s of texts and markings
  • 2K alternative available to save VRAM
  • More than 1000 click regions (switches, quick access areas, etc)
  • 700+ custom lights
  • 3D Inertial Navigation System CIVA
  • Interactive Engineering panel
  • Automatic or manual trim fuel pumping
  • Rain effects
  • Refined subsonic and supersonic flight model
  • Thrust simulation
  • Trim fuel imbalance force simulation
  • Automatic fuel trimming via Virtual Engineer
  • FMOD 3D sound
  • Dozens and dozens of sound effects
  • Audio advice from Copilot, Engineer, and Pilot
  • Fully VR compatible
  • Autopilot with 16+ functions
  • 3D passenger cabin
  • Extensive Graphical User Interface with features like:
    • Route loading
    • Flight Preparation
    • Aircraft management
    • Virtual flight engineer
    • Custom content
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Devan Pandya
Ever since being introduced to FS9 and FSX at age 3, Devan has been an avid avgeek and flight simmer. He continues to pursue this passion by studying for his private pilot license and creating aviation social media content as "The757Avgeek."
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