CentralSim Releases Panama Pacifico MPPA Airport

CentralSim has pushed today their first big airport with the release of Panamá Pacífico International…

Posted: 22-Dec-2019 @ 21:28z
CentralSim Releases Panama Pacifico MPPA Airport

CentralSim has pushed today their first big airport with the release of Panamá Pacífico International Airport (MPPA/BLB) for Prepar3D v4.5 and FSX. This small airport, located on the opposite bank of the Panama Canal, is the third airport to serve Panama City. It was previously known as Howard Air Force Base, a major former United States Air Force base that was used for US military operations in the area for close to 60 years. It was the launch base of many anti-narcotics operations and a forward point of entry for US forces wandering through central and northern South America. The airport has a single north/south – 8,500ft /2,600m runway. Panama Pacifico Airport saw its first commercial service in 2014 with VivaColombia. It is currently only served by Wingo, a low cost airline owned by Copa that replaced Copa Airlines Colombia.

The rendition by CentralSim depicts the airport in its current state as a civilian platform. It uses 3D grass, a photorealistic ground texture, a localized autogen and dynamic lighting. Some vehicles and ground clutter are scattered around. The immediate surrounding are represented, and the overall airport blends in pretty well with the area, especially if you use Orbx Landclass and Vector, with which it is compatible. The scenery was created with performance in mind, and the file is only 40 Mb in size.

CentralSim Panama Pacifico MPPA is available on Simmarket in two separate purchase for P3D and FSX. Each will cost €16.

CentralSim is a relative newcomer to the Flight Simulation development community. Their only previous product was SKPQ Cacom 1 Air Base, also available on Simmarket for €10.90.

You can visit the developer website here.


  • Photo-realistic ground textures based on aerial images
  • Real Autogen
  • Photo-realistic textures for buildings, vehicles, etc.
  • Airport Objects
  • Optimized for good performance
  • Compatible with Orbx Vector
  • 3D grass
  • Dynamic Lights
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