Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to v0.94

The Captain Sim team has released version 0.94 for their 767 Captain II Base Package.…

Posted: 07-May-2020 @ 10:00z
Captain Sim Updates 767 Captain II to v0.94

The Captain Sim team has released version 0.94 for their 767 Captain II Base Package. The aircraft which was released recently on Prepar3D v4 has been updated inline with various fixes and changes. Do note that the aircraft is still considered an early-release product.

This update includes new features such as the outboard high-speed aileron and spoilers now having lockout according to a new schedule, native support for .rt support in the FMC and also now flaperons position indicator on the EICAS. There are a few others detailed down below.

Alongside the new features, various fixes have also been applied such as improvements to the flap position and animation, cargo door animations and various changes to systems including with the hydraulics and the electrical pumps.

The Captain Sim 767 Captain II comes with 4K exterior textures, options for winglets, a 6+2 door configuration with a 4+4 coming soon, and plenty more features. The full feature list can be found at the bottom.

You can buy it now for the sale price of $99.76. It’s still unclear whether this price will change to the $134.99 tag attached once the product is out of beta. In other news, the team did inform the community about expansion plans, but did quickly change their mind and put it to a community vote instead. You can vote on their forums.

New features

  • Beyond flaps 25 inboard flaperons will retract by half to reduce drag.
  • Outboard high-speed aileron, spoilers #4,5,8,9 and roll spoilers lockout according to the following schedule:
    • S.L. to 10,000 ft = 275 +/- 5 kts
    • 10,000 ft to 18,000 ft = M0.50 +/- M0.02
    • 18,000 ft to 27,000 ft = 235 +/- 5 kts
    • 27,000 ft to ceiling = m 0.58 + 0.02
  • Spoilers #4-9 will never act as in-flight speed brakes.
  • Flaperons position indicator on EICAS.
  • Flaperons and elevator droop with the aircraft on the ground and no hydraulic pressure.
  • FMC: native .rt route support.


  • Flaps position/animation improved.
  • Landing gear shock strut compression which corrected airplane height.
  • THR light button on the MCP doesn’t stay on until VNAV is engaged.
  • FMC PAX and cargo configuration issue when the units set to KG.
  • Missing ‘remove before flight’ texture.
  • ‘RAT unlocked’ after a scenario/vechicle reload.
  • GA thrust mode annunciation should remain in CRZ until flaps come out of the UP position.
  • Cargo doors animation timing improved.
  • The left electric demand pump is inhibited on the ground during engine start of either engine, when only one electrical generator is operating. The left demand pump PRESS and SYS PRESS lights may illuminate when starting engines on the ground.
  • Hydraulic pressure for operation of the left and right engine thrust reversers comes from the left and right hydraulic systems respectively. Loss of either hydraulic system renders the associated thrust reverser inoperative.
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