Burning Blue Design Releases Thruxton Aerodrome and Race Circuit for MSFS

Burning Blue Design releases another aerodrome for Microsoft Flight Simulator – this one to please fans of both aviation and motorsports.

Posted: 13-Apr-2023 @ 22:29z
Burning Blue Design Releases Thruxton Aerodrome and Race Circuit for MSFS

The folks over at Burning Blue Design recently released yet another aerodrome, Thruxton Aerodrome. The developers are known for their myriad of different airfields and aerodromes, popular among those of us that enjoy the general aviation side of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Located West of Andover, in Hampshire, England, the airfield dates back to 1912, serving as a military hub for the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. Its role was centered mainly around the training of pilots for the war effort. During World War II, the aerodrome was known as RAF Thruxton and was used by both the Royal Air Force and the U.S. Army Air Forces primarily as a combat fighter airfield.

Today, the airfield is used by civilians as both an aerodrome as well as a race track for cars and motorcycles – a symbiotic relationship for lovers of performance machines, whether aircraft or racing vehicles.

Burning Blue Design’s rendition of Thruxton as both an aerodrome and race circuit includes a high level of accuracy featuring more than 230 custom 3D objects, accurate runways, taxiways, and taxi signs, control tower interior, custom windsocks and flags, static aircraft and track day cars, and interestingly, AI-driven cars. For a full feature list, see below.

For those interested in this one-of-a-kind scenery, you can purchase Thruxton Aerodrome on the Burning Blue Design website for £14.95.

Feature List

  • Over 230 custom 3D objects each with full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures
  • 2023 layout with accurate runways, taxiways and custom taxi signs
  • Highly detailed control tower interior
  • Accurately placed red obstacle beacons visible from miles away
  • Completely custom windsocks and dynamic animated flags
  • Dynamic working Signal Square and runway designator sign
  • Real-life static aircraft and track day cars based at Thruxton
  • Driving experience day with AI driven cars on track
  • Full night lighting and dynamic weather compatibility
  • Enhanced high resolution colour corrected ground textures
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