Boundless Bringing Dublin to XPL; Other Product Updates

17 Oct 2021 12:09z

Scenery developer, Boundless, has confirmed they are working on Dublin Airport (EIDW) for X-Plane 11. In a blog post over on their website, the team confirmed they are working on the Irish airport and that progress has been going well.

Dublin Airport has been in development by the team for some time, with development progress being “strong.” The current Western side of the airport is pretty much complete, with the main aprons, runways and other areas taking shape. Boundless also said that the team is working to ensure that this rendition of Dublin Airport is the most up-to-date version available for X-Plane, as it will include the new Northern runway and other developments around the airport.

In addition to providing a detailed version of the airport, Boundless said they will also model areas outside of the main airport including nearby houses, buildings and farms. Furthermore, the team acquired high-quality ortho imagery that is only four months old.

In the most recent development blog from the team, it was confirmed that it isn’t a few weeks away from release, as there’s still “a LOT of work left,” but that Boundless are working through the remaining work nicely. Obviously, at this point in time, no pricing details have been confirmed either.

Other Airport Development

In addition to the announcement of Dublin, Boundless gave a brief overview of how other projects are coming along. Starting with UK Helipad Pack pt1, the team said that the final details are being added right now. In particular night lighting for buildings are being applied, along with other little finishes to other buildings. As for Caernarfon, they said that beta testing for the product has begun with no major issues currently holding things up. Expect a release soon. Finally, Doncaster Airport has seen a little progress this week, with some new previews on the terminal building shown off on the blog.

That about wraps everything up from Boundless this past week. Boundless has generally been quite busy with releases such as Southend, Bournemouth and Gloucester Airport all being released in a short period of time.

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