Review: Black Square’s Real Taxiways USA

Does the coverage provided by Black Square's Real Taxiway USA provide value for money? Find out in this FSElite review.

10 Sep 2021 00:00z
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Version reviewed: 1.0
Press copy produced by: Just Flight
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How do you feel about the taxiway signs that default Microsoft Flight Simulator has to offer? Personally, I think they’re pretty mediocre. Lacking in accuracy, tough to read, and have a slight tendency to get in your way. The folks at Black Square and Just Flight agreed, and decided to develop Real Taxiways USA. Let’s find out if it’s worth picking up.

Video produced by: Spencer te Wildt

FSElite Bottom Line
Black Square’s Real Taxiways does exactly what it claims to do, and does it well. If you can afford it, like flying in the U.S., and want to upgrade your navigation experience at default airports, I think this is worth considering. Otherwise, I’d pass.
Works just as advertised.
Clear, legible signs, even at night.
Much better taxiway markings.
Steep price tag

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Video Producer
Spencer is a huge aviation geek and living in Seattle means he has the ability to see aircraft be born at Boeing Field. A lover of all things aviation.
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