Big Radials P-40B Now Available for MSFS

If you’re looking to take your simulator back to the era of World War II,…

Posted: 23-Apr-2021 @ 17:40z
Updated: 04-Apr-2023 @ 14:32z
Big Radials P-40B Now Available for MSFS

If you’re looking to take your simulator back to the era of World War II, Then Big Radials’ P-40B could be the perfect aircraft for you. Available now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the P-40B brings a native and detailed rendition of the wartime aircraft to the simulator.

The aircraft was critical during the early years of World War II to support troops during the war. Developed by America, it was eventually used in Russia, Australia and England for multiple missions during the course of the World War. The development team has taken this historic aircraft and built an immersive experience for simmers who choose to buy it.

The aircraft comes fully equipped with a native 3D model which also sports detailed texturing, immersive sounds and custom animations. The aircraft has been designed for both casual and experienced simmers, with many of the unique characteristics of the plane being modelled for those looking to take the experience to the next level. The aircraft product also comes with 6 liveries and will soon also feature a new bush trip mission, which will take you across the NorthWest Staging Route.

Big Radials’ P-40B is now available to buy in Microsoft Flight Simulator for $35.00 AU directly from their website.


  • Full native flight model, 3D assets, sounds, textures, everything.
    Hmm yea that’s pretty standard these days isn’t it?
  • Designed for Casual and “Serious” simmers alike. Jump in and #FlyTheDamn plane or take the time to #ReadTheDamnManual and use the Gear and Flaps LIKE A BOSS!
  • 5 * Historic 4K Liveries (well I guess that’s the default size now isn’t it so why do we say it like, oh hey, here’s something you didn’t expect!)
  • 1 * Special Tribute livery #BecauseYoureWorthIt
  • 7 Hour Bushtrip of the Historic NorthWest Staging Route
    Yea sorry we had to remove this due to the current CG Bug that entered the sim with v1.14.0 and affect tail draggers. As soon as that’s fixed we’ll drop it right back in.
  • Eternal gratitude from a team that has worked hard and knows there’s more to do but reckon you might enjoy what we’ve done so far.
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