BFDG Updates Embraer A-29

BFDG has updated their Embraer A-29 for X-Plane, to version 3.4. The Embraer A-29 “Super…

Posted: 12-Feb-2021 @ 11:10z
BFDG Updates Embraer A-29

BFDG has updated their Embraer A-29 for X-Plane, to version 3.4.

The Embraer A-29 “Super Tucano” is an economical light attack aircraft used by many Air Forces in South and Central America and the Middle East.

The Brazilian-made aircraft is especially popular in the Drug War, often used to intercept and even shoot down drug runners in general aviation aircraft and to destroy drug production sites in the jungles.

BFDG has created both the A-29A and A-29B, with fully functional systems and weapons systems.  The update to version 3.4 is an overhaul of the original product, including new flight dynamics, internal and external textures, improved internal and external modeling and lighting, new weapons modeling and texturing, new sounds, several new liveries, and provides compatibility for X-Plane version 11.50+.

The new liveries include a high quality rendition of the A-29s flown by Brazil’s aerobatic team, “The Smoke Squadron”.

X-Plane’s X-1000 GPS has also now been fitted to the panel which is complete with terrain mapping, very useful for the high-speed low-level flying often preformed by the Tucano in remote areas. The aircraft provides all the thrills and “stick and rudder” flying one would expect from an attack aircraft with modern avionics and systems.

BFDG’s A-29 Super Tucano can be updated for free through the X-Plane Store or purchased for $27.95USD.

Version 3.4 Changelog:

  • Compatibility update for X-Plane 11.50+
  • One unique pack for the A-29 (A29B as default, A-29A config through BFDG Menu)
  • New engine modelling
  • New flight dynamics
  • New panel textures
  • New Liveries
  • New cockpit lights and night textures for all liveries
  • 3D adjustments and texture corrections on the external model, bombs, missiles, and drop tanks
  • PFD, MFD and DED Keyboard buttons are no longer additive and ordered, new functionalities added to DED screens
  • X-Plane X1000 GPS installed
  • New fuselage and normal mapping
  • New 3D internal/external sounds



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