AzurPoly Releases the Bede BD-5J

AzurPoly has released their Bede BD-5J for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The BD-5J is the jet version of the propeller-powered BD-5, making it one of the few aircraft types to be produced with both jet and propeller-powered variants, and has held the Guinness World Record of being the world’s smallest manned jet aircraft for over 25 years. Too small for any practical use, the light aircraft with it’s small wings is a capable aerobatic aircraft and the majority of BD-5Js are flown at airshows under the sponsorship of corporations like Pepsi, Red Bull, and Bud Light.

The release of the BD-5J marks the first Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft release by French developer AzurPoly who have previously released several airport sceneries for the platform and have been creating software since 2011 with earlier work made for FSX and Prepar3D. The Bede Aircraft BD-5J, like the other BD-5 variants, is a homebuilt aircraft sold as a kit. The kit has lead to at least 10 different variants as owners experimented with various modifications such as turning the plane into a jet, sailplane, or even giving it a twin tail.

The jet version, however, is the most well-known variant thanks to it’s world record status, spectacular airshow performances, and a famous appearance in the 1983 James Bond Movie “Octopussy“. With short wings, small fuel tanks, and barely room for one pilot, there was no need for Bede Aircraft to include any modern avionics in the BD-5J kit, and the standard aircraft comes with very basic instrumentation and a glass canopy that stretches across almost the whole fuselage. AzurPoly’s faithful rendition of this aircraft includes fully functional instrumentation and avionics, a flight model made in partnership with real BD-5J pilots, real checklists, and custom sounds recorded from the actual aircraft. 5 PBR-capable liveries worn by actual BD-5Js are also included with this product. Details inside the virtual cockpit include scratch marks across the canopy glass and chipped and worn on the cockpit surfaces.

Though there are surely very few aircraft that would be more enjoyable to explore the intricacies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator world with, it is worth noting that the BD-5J can be rather difficult to land and has had a high accident rate relative to the number produced. It is typical for most aircraft to have a maximum take-off weight that far exceeds the maximum weight of the aircraft. While pilots of most aircraft fear popping tires landing overweight in emergencies, attempting an overweight landing in the BD-5J can and has lead to fatal stall accidents where unsuspecting pilots find themselves in a low altitude upset due to a much higher stall speed in turns than at a safe weight. With such tiny wings generating such little lift, to begin with, the BD-5J is by most accounts simply a flying rocket! AzurPoly recommends that users fly with the most realistic flight model settings possible to take advantage of their great flight dynamics for this one-of-a-kind jet.

AzurPoly’s BD-5J may be purchased from simMarket for direct download for EUR 11.50.

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