AMJ Scenery Studio Releases Ultra China Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for XPL

03 Aug 2021 08:43z

Scenery developer AMJ Scenery Studio has released Ultra China Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for X-Plane 11. Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (ZSSS) serves a number of airlines to a number of destinations across many parts of China. The parallel runways enable a large number of aircraft to depart and arrive throughout the day. As the airport continued to grow, new terminals were constructed whilst older ones were renovated to bring it up to today’s standards.

The airport comes with a variety of features including realistic ground markings, animated SAM jetways and a complete airport interior. The airport buildings have been modelled to be accurate representations of their real-world counterparts and the airport data is based on CAD documents for maximum realism.

You can buy AMJ Scenery Studio’s Ultra China Shanghai Hongqiao Airport for X-Plane 11 now from simMarket for €25.50.


  • Custom ground poly for the apron and taxiway including realistic detail texture.
  • Realistic Ground Markings based on real-world CAD.
  • Manually placed plants.
  • Night illumination.
  • Animated vehicles in the airport.
  • Animated Jetways. (SAM Jetways)
  • Rebuild A building of T1 terminal
  • 3D Grass
  • Terminal Interior
  • Buildings are absolutely accurate and represent the current real-world airport status.

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