Aman Sim Products Releases Carrier Control Plugin for X-Plane

Developer Aman Sim Products has released a plugin in which you can take control of…

Posted: 27-Feb-2020 @ 23:34z
Aman Sim Products Releases Carrier Control Plugin for X-Plane

Developer Aman Sim Products has released a plugin in which you can take control of the default carrier within X-Plane 10/11.

If you have ever tried to fly an aircraft onto the default X-Plane carrier and it decides to turn just as you approach, this plugin will help make the carrier more predictable and usable. The plugin has many features including the ability to change the carrier’s heading and speed from 15 metres per second backwards to 62 metres per second forwards depending on your preference. The carrier can be teleported to your location without using the map feature within X-Plane.

Instead, the carrier is controlled with the carrier control panel. The panel contains lots of useful information including weather conditions around the carrier including wind speed and direction. If the carrier is heading for an obstacle at a distance of 9500 metres ahead the control panel displays a message regarding the distance to obstacle so you can change the carrier’s heading before it hits the object in its path.

To save you and your aircraft ending up in the drink from the deck, you can secure your aircraft to the deck of the carrier even at high speed. 

You can purchase the Carrier Control plugin from the SimMarket website for around €9.60/£8.50/$10.96 ex VAT.


  • Change the carrier heading to any integer value from 0 to 359
  • Change the carrier speed from 15 meters per second astern (backwards) to 62 meters per second ahead, with 1 m/s step
  • Teleport the carrier to you, if you are airborne
  • Both speed and heading of the carrier are changed very smooth
  • Secure your aircraft onto the deck, it won’t fall off the deck even at high speed
  • The carrier control panel displays the following information;
  • The carrier mode (it is controlled by AI or the player). Everything below is displayed only if player takes control
  • The carrier’s speed in meters per second and knots
  • The carrier both magnetic and true headings, by taking the local magnetic variation into account
  • If carrier speed is higher than its maximum speed in real, “Overspeed” is displayed, otherwise “Normal”
  • Wind speed in meters per second and knots
  • If wind speed is not 0, then it displays the direction wind blows from, so you can turn the carrier into the wind
  • Air temperature in Celsius degrees and barometric pressure.
  • If visibility is less than 10,000 meters, it displays the actual visibility
  • The carrier coordinates latitude, longitude and elevation
  • Radar detects and warns via control panel about obstacles in path up to 9500 metres
  • Easy install
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Jordan Williams
Jordan works in operations for a brewery, pub and hotel company in London. Discovering flight simulation when the 3x CD FS2002 was released, he then followed the natural progression up until P3D, where he switched platforms to X-Plane 11.
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