Aerosoft World of Aircraft: Gliders – Now Available

Whilst Aerosoft is best known for providing add-ons for existing simulators, they are also in…

Posted: 27-May-2021 @ 12:00z
Aerosoft World of Aircraft: Gliders – Now Available

Whilst Aerosoft is best known for providing add-ons for existing simulators, they are also in the business of developing their very own simulators. Today, Aerosoft has released World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator for PC. Developed in-house by their very own World of Aircraft Team, the Glider Simulator edition focuses exclusively on flying gliders. Thanks to its custom and dedicated physics engine, the simulator is able to accurately bring flying a glider to life.

This is a “pure VFR simulator and only simulates specific parts of flying and in particular, dedicated to glider aircraft. Included in the product is a variety of older and modern gliders, each with accurate physics and controls so you can really test your skills and learn. According to Aerosoft, World is Aircraft: Gliders is “not a game but a simulation and you will need to expect having to invest some time learning to fly all aircraft.” Despite this, the team say the easy to use interface means that anyone can pick it up and dig deep into the learning experience.

Simmers who take flight will be able to explore over 2,500 km² handcrafted terrain near Mannheim and fly into a detailed rendition of Herrenteich airport using a variety of aircraft. The flight model is based on real-world data and comes with correct handling and uses the blade element model  to provide very precise physics.

After you’re done with the training missions or free flight, you are able to also connect online and fly with friends.

One of our video producers, Patrick (The Flight Sim Deck), recently got his hands on a pre-release copy and shared some first impressions of the product.

World Of Aircraft: Glider Simulator | Pre-Launch Footage | Aerosoft

If taking a spin in a glider takes your fancy, then Aerosoft’s World of Aircraft: Glider will be just for you. You can pick up your copy now from Aerosoft for €23.48 (plus VAT). You can also buy World of Aircraft: Gliders on Steam.


User Interface

  • Very easy to use interface, avoiding complex choices
  • Six languages for user Interface, radio, and audio  (English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch)
  • Three languages manuals (English, German, French, more to come) > View and download here


  • Training for many flight stages for Wilga and Blaník
  • Free flight with all models
  • Multiplayer mode with Aero tow (Wilga and Blaník)


  • 2,500 km² handcrafted terrain, near Mannheim, the border of the river Rhein
  • One high detail (Herrenteich), one low-end detail airport, Speyer, close the Technik Museum Speyer
  • Five usable aircraft:
    • LET L-13 Blaník, a world-renowned glider, often used for training
    • Diamond HK36 Dimona, a two-seater motor glider
    • Schleicher ASK21, two-seater glider with good performance and solid aerobatics capacity
    • Schleicher ASK21 Mi, motorized self-launching glider with small rotary engine
    • PZL-104 Wilga, robust four-seater aircraft, used for many roles, very suitable to aero-tow


  • Animated road traffic, ships
  • Ray-traced clouds
  • Animated windsocks
  • Birds in thermals
  • Cloud shadows
  • Advanced effects model, including dust
  • Detailed flexing of wing surfaces

Flight model

  • Per-element based flight model: each surface split into many sections, aerodynamic forces computed for each section individually, then integrated. 360×360 deg flow provides for natural and seamless stalls, spins, tailslide, hammerhead turn and so on
  • Blade element model (BEM) for variable pitch props provides for very precise computation of both linear (thrust) and rotational (asymmetric propwash) components
  • Mass-flow based model for internal combustion engine, correct computation of manifold pressure
  • Correct coupling of the prop to the engine (torque developed equalized by torque consumed by the prop)
  • Full computation of windmilling mode, including backward flow conditions
  • Gyroscope effect, p-factor effect computation

Sound model

  • Many sound effects normally not seen in simulators, for example the stick hitting its stops
  •  Flow sounds depend on angle of attack, not only airspeed
  • Far distance prop sounds

Atmosphere model

  • Thermals model based on real life flight test data
  • Thermals emerge, dissipate with time, get blown away with the wind
  • Velocity gradient across the upstream of thermals (so you can feel at which side of your aircraft the lift is highest
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