Aerosoft Twin Otter Price and Release Date Revealed

Expect to be travelling around in the Aerosoft Twin Otter later this month.

03 Jan 2022 17:42z

The Aerosoft Twin Otter will be available for Microsoft Flight Simulator very soon. Over on the forums, project manager Mathijs Kok has revealed both the price and release date for the aircraft.

He said on the forums that the Twin Otter for Microsoft Flight Simulator will release on Wednesday, 19th January 2022. It wasn’t said whether the Aerosoft Twin Otter would be available on the Microsoft In-Sim Marketplace on that date, but Aerosoft is known to work with Microsoft to release big products simultaneously.

As for the price, it was confirmed that the Aerosoft Twin Otter will be available for €29.95 (plus VAT when applicable). This is about the same price as the Twin Otter Extended for Prepar3D.

The Twin Otter is renowned for its versatility. Thanks to the numerous attachment or configurations found with the Twin Otter, it can withstand almost any environment type. The tough airframe can be adapted for land or sea, as well as being able to touch down on almost any type of environment. Furthermore, the short take-off and landing characteristics of the plane mean the possibilities of where you can go with the plane are almost limitless.

You can watch the Twin Otter in action from this older video. Hopefully, more video and screenshots will be shown off for this aircraft soon. Otherwise, we look forward to the 19th when we can get our hands on this bird.

If you’re looking for something similar, why not check out the Kodiak 100 from SimWorks Studios.

Thanks to ronald.1302 for the tip.

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