Aerosoft Simple Traffic Is Back; Entering Beta Soon

22 Oct 2021 12:42z

Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been through a somewhat turbulent development period. From almost being released to being cancelled due to Sim Update 5 for the platform. However, Sim Update 6 appears to have fixed the issues caused from the previous update and now, Simple Traffic is gearing up for release.

As per a comment from Aerosoft project manager, Mathijs Kok, “Simple Traffic is very much back on track” and he is now looking for beta testers to support the development of the product. “Let’s not dwell on SU5. We simply got to say that SU6 is a very very good update that solves a lot of problems,” he continued.

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta, you can check out the forum post for the exact requirements and how to partake in the programme. Edit: Just like that, the tester pool is full.

If you weren’t aware of what Aerosoft Simple Traffic is, it will help to resolve issues of the aircraft and liveries being represented in the simulator based on the live traffic information. An example was given that instead of seeing fake airlines at airports, you will now see liveries with simple models represented correctly. For example, at Schiphol, you will see plenty of KLM aircraft and other realistic airlines. As also mentioned, Aerosoft Simple Traffic will also use the “lowest polygon versions of the default [Microsoft Flight Simulator] AI models” to optimise the performance of the simulator. This then results in a smoother experience at larger airports.

Hopefully, Simple Traffic now find the light of day soon. We’ll, of course, keep you posted.

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