Aerosoft Releases Twin Otter Update to Address Sound Issues and More

The new update addresses a number of issues reported such as sound effects, autopilot issues and more.

Posted: 26-Jan-2022 @ 12:55z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
Aerosoft Releases Twin Otter Update to Address Sound Issues and More

A brand new update for the Aerosoft Twin Otter has been released bringing the aircraft product to version The changelog itself is fairly extensive, but many of the sound issues we mentioned in our first impressions article appear to be fixed. Many users were also leaving feedback to Aerosoft on this particular subject via their forums.

In the changelog, Aerosoft has said that there has been a rework of the volume balancing of the internal and external sounds, along with improvements to the wind sound when the aircraft is not moving.

Alongside the changes to the sound package, there have been fixes also to other areas of the Twin Otter. For example, wing lights have been added, along with a GPWS inhibit switch. Furthermore, those who had issues with the autopilot losing altitude in either ALT or GS HOLD modes will see these issues are also fixed.

Version of the Twin Otter can be obtained through the Aerosoft One installer, or via other third-party vendors.

Aerosoft released the Twin Otter just one week ago and the product comes with a number of features and varieties included with the package. The Twin Otter comes with floats and wheels (cargo and passenger), along with the DHC-6 300 version, with wheels, cargo, floats and ski options available. Furthermore, the -300 series also includes a 3 blade and 4 blade prop option, along with a skydiver version. The differences between the models can be found in each of the variants included.

This diverse and renowned aircraft is now ready to take flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator. You can get all the models and liveries included with the Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter for €29.95 (plus local VAT). A version of the Twin Otter is due to release in the future for Xbox.

Want to learn more about the Twin Otter? Check out the trailer shared earlier this week. Or you can read our first impressions from the initial release (do note that some things described may have changed with this update).

Update: Added changelog

Twin Otter v1.0.1.0 Changelog

  • Added: GPWS Inhibit switch
  • Fixed: Torque link on -300 Cargo 4-Blade nose gear
  • Fixed: Changed Elevator and aileron simvars to those that work in multiplayer
  • Added: Wing lights
  • Fixed: Control lock variable reversed for multiplayer compatibility
  • Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of external sounds
  • Fixed: Rework and volume balancing of internal sounds
  • Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in ALT HOLD mode
  • Fixed: Autopilot losing altitude in GS HOLD mode
  • Fixed: Elevator and rudder trim knob animations now react to control input. Sounds addedFixed: Exterior view engine instruments
  • Fixed: Missing performance data in aircraft selection window
  • Fixed: Toned down wind sound at rear door when aircraft is not moving and wind is not storm strength
  • Fixed: Boost pump annunciator condition
  • Fixed: Volts indicator now shows 0V when generators are off
  • Fixed: CDI Needles jumping from side to side while flying a FROM radial
  • Fixed: Missing needle arrow in copilot HSI
  • Fixed: NAV/HDG flags over heading bug and needle in both HSIs
  • Fixed: Separated GNS530/430, Autopilot, Transponder and ADF from Copilot dimmer
  • Fixed: Propeller De-Ice now works for both propellers
  • Fixed: Intake Anti-Ice now works for both engines
  • Fixed: Increased volume of GPWS glide slope callouts
  • Fixed: HSI knob not turning
  • Fixed: Gaps in the ceilingn near front cabin wall
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