Aerosoft Releases Simple Traffic

15 Nov 2021 17:47z

Following a cycle of “it’s coming” to “it’s cancelled” and back again to “it’s coming again“, Aerosoft has released Simple Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new tool will replace default fictional liveries with real-world ones at a number of airports across the world. Simple Traffic includes liveries for over 175 airlines, meaning there will be a lot of variation on what you will see in the simulator.

In total, over 1400 traffic routes have been included to enhance the AI aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Aerosoft has designed Simple Traffic to work both online and offline, and all the settings can be configured from a simple user interface. Aerosoft has specifically called this ‘Simple Traffic’ thanks to the user-friendly installation and use. Whilst this isn’t a complete overhaul of the in-sim AI, the product will give you a much more realistic looking simulator with airports populated with liveries that should be there.

Aerosoft Simple Traffic (developed by Revolution Simulations Ltd) is now available through Aerosoft for €12.50.


  • Over 160 airlines included (more added with every update)
  • Over 1400 traffic routes for airports included (more added with every update)
  • No impact on the framerate
  • Zero learning curve, install and forget, all settings are done via the standard simulator user interface
  • Fully transparent to other DLC – Compatible with all airports
  • Designed to work in AI ONLINE and AI OFFLINE mode
  • Fantastic value for money

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