Aerosoft Previews North Sea Industry for MSFS

Aerosoft has announced a North Seas Industry scenery for MSFS.

Posted: 05-Apr-2022 @ 13:20z
Aerosoft Previews North Sea Industry for MSFS

The North Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean between Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. It is a very productive fishery with roughly 2.5 million metric tons of fish being caught each year. The climate is not only great for fishing, it is almost always windy on the North Sea, making it a great place for wind farms. Below the sea are massive quantities of natural gas as well. With all these activates taking place on the sea, large quantities of small fishing vessels, trawlers, and even massive factory ships can be seen floating on the sea.

Aerosoft is taking all of this activity on the sea and developing a North Sea Industry scenery product for MSFS. Included will be vast amounts of ships, wind turbines, substations, and oil rigs. Small vessels for the fishing industry will be modeled along with ships for the shipping industry. Some of these vessels will be trawlers, container ships, oil and chemical tankers, LNG tankers, and many more.

Massive amounts of wind turbines including monopile, jacket, and floating structure wind turbines will be found harnessing the power of the wind on the North Sea. Construction of wind turbines can be seen with crane platforms, offshore support vessels, tug boats, and more will be seen. The oil and gas industry is also included. Oil rigs, floating production systems ships, single buoy mooring stations, drilling rigs, and more are scattered about the North Sea.

As noted by Aerosoft, “If you only fly over the North Sea at FL380, don’t bother.” This product is aimed at those who fly low and slow over the North Sea in a fixed wing airplane or even a helicopter. Since framerates are not a problem out at sea, Aerosoft will be using incredibly complex objects. Construction sites will consist of millions of polygons and some ships will be as complex as a major airport. The helipads will be useable and users in helicopters are encouraged to land and explore the structure in the drone cam.

Aerosoft’s North Sea Industry is still in development but the team is aiming for a release in late summer for both the PC and Xbox. They are estimating the cost to be between 10 to 15 euros and will be available on the Aerosoft webstore, affiliate stores, and the Microsoft Marketplace.

Stay tuned to FSElite for more information on this product and others for your favorite simulator!

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