Aerosoft Previews A330 EFB

Aerosoft’s latest A330 preview video shows off the functions of their integrated EFB.

Posted: 06-Oct-2022 @ 10:48z

In a video posted to the Aerosoft forums, Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok previewed some of the features of the integrated Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) on the upcoming A330 for MSFS. While many of the features are similar to what we saw previously in the Aerosoft CRJ series, the video shows that the Aerosoft dev team is dedicated to improving the user experience and opening up new customization options.

Highlighted features:

  • Consolidated EFB User Interface: One of the key aspects that we see in the preview video is how Aerosoft has centralized EFB content onto a single summary page. This provides quick access to frequently-referenced information instead of forcing the user to switch between dedicated EFB pages. When more detail is needed, switching to the dedicated EFB page is easily accomplished from the top right of each section on the summary page.
  • EFB Wallpaper: In what may very well be a first-of-its-kind feature for an in-sim EFB, the A330 lets users specify the wallpaper (background) image used by the EFB. This seemingly small detail opens up flight deck customization, such as using the logo of a particular airline or operator, in a way not previously possible.
  • Aircraft Settings: EFBs have become the preferred method of quickly changing aircraft settings and cockpit configurations and the preview video shows that Aerosoft will continue to utilize this method for their A330. Users can expect quick EFB access to sim settings including altimeter synchronization, weight unit display in LBS or KGS, IRS alignment time, and advanced throttle calibration for both single and multi-axis throttle quadrants.
  • SimBrief Integration: The A330’s EFB allows users to fetch and display Operational Flight Plans (OFP) and weather from SimBrief where it can be quickly referenced at any point during the flight. Further, we learned that SimBrief integration is optional and the EFB can display METAR and TAF information without requiring an OFP to be loaded.
  • Weight and Balance: Similar to the Aerosoft CRJ series, aircraft loading can be easily accomplished via the EFB. Both fuel and payload can be set using the dedicated EFB page with the user having granular access to these values. The speed at which passengers, fuel, and cargo are loaded onto the airplane can also be toggled between instant, fast, and real-time. Once loading is complete, an aircraft center of gravity (CG) chart is shown to ensure the aircraft is operating within limits.
  • Chart Integration: The A330’s EFB introduces the option of displaying NavDataPro or Navigraph charts. Searching for charts using either service appears streamlined and organized. As an added bonus, individual charts can be pinned to the main EFB summary page for quick access.
  • Ground Handling & Pushback: One of the standout features we saw in the preview video was the ability to control pushback from the EFB using a top-down map. To set up the pushback, the user plots the desired route by clicking on the map shown on the EFB. When the pushback is initiated, the aircraft then follows the desired route.
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Trevor Bair
Flight simming since the early 1990s, Trevor has accumulated countless hours across many different platforms, most recently MSFS and X-Plane. He is also a commercial, multi-engine, instrument-rated pilot who lives with his family in Colorado, USA.

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