Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 for MSFS Pricing Information

22 Oct 2021 15:00z

Whilst the original plan was to release the 900/1000 extension for the CRJ only a few weeks after the initial launch, some delays seemingly cropped up for Aerosoft and this meant that 900/1000 extension has yet to be released. That said, we appear to be edging closer to a release for the CRJ 900/1000 for Microsoft Flight Simulator as the pricing details have been revealed.

On the Aerosoft forums, Mathijs Kok has confirmed that upon release, customers will be able to upgrade from the original CRJ 550/700 for €16.80 (plus VAT when applicable). If you do not own the original, you can buy the complete suite of CRJ aircraft for €58.82 (plus VAT when applicable). It’s worth noting that a standalone version of the 900/1000 will not be released (at least at this time).

As for an estimated release, Mr. Kok said that they are unable to give a release date, but are “in the holding awaiting clearance.” When pressed further, he declined to comment but did add that Aerosoft assumes it will be released in the Marketplace at the same time as the release on Aerosoft’s store.

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