Aerosoft Brussels Features Custom VDGS; Coming to Future Aerosoft Airports

There are some developers in this community that, regardless of how long they make you wait, it will be worth the numerous teasers and previews. One such developer is Jo Erlend who has been developing Brussels Airport for what has seemed like an eternity. Whilst the previews have slowed down a little, some interesting new features have been showcased on the Aerosoft forums.

Firstly, a new “wake up” hangar has been developed for the scenery. This means the doors will automatically open when you exit the hangar and also automatically open as you approach them. The short GIF below demonstrates this happening.

Aerosoft Brussels Features Custom VDGS; Coming to Future Aerosoft Airports

Even more impressive is the new custom-built VDGS system that will come with the airport upon release. Up until now, a proper VDGS system has been mostly missing from the simulator, but Aerosoft has created a module that will be used in Jo’s Brussels airport. The new module will come with airport-specific custom stopping points, that’s based on aircraft types. This detail includes information right down to the variant of the aircraft (e.g. 737-300 will be different to the 737-500). Jo mentioned that users will be able to turn on the VDGS module through a UI menu. You can see it in action with the provided GIFs below.

Later in the forum thread, Aerosoft software developer BenBaron said that the module may be used by developers who are working with Aerosoft. This means even more airports in the future could use the VDGS technology. It’s been described as “highly scalable, flexible and expandable.”

So whilst we continue to wait for Jo Erlend’s Brussels Airport, we at least can assume this will be one of the most highly detailed scenery products yet for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Calum Martin
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Calum has been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of FS2000 and has developed his love for aviation ever since.
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