Aerosoft Announces Ben Gurion Airport for MSFS

Aerosoft has announced Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport for MSFS, including a feature overview and several previews

18 Dec 2021 19:14z

Aerosoft has announced Ben Gurion Airport (LLBG, Tel Aviv) for MSFS. Ben Gurion Airport is the main airport serving the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The announcement was made bij Mathijs Kok over on the Aerosoft forums. Coupled with the announcement, several previews were also posted. The previews focus on different kinds of aspects of the airport, such as a close up of the passenger jetways and all the details included in these. But the previews also show some of the terminal interior, the ATC tower or the airport terminals.

Mathijs also shared some of the features that will be included in this scenery. The airport itself will be accurately modelled and feature high quality textures with PBR materials. The scenery will also feature dynamic lighting, animated, custom jetways and high resolution photorealistic ground textures.

No information was shared on a possible release date of the scenery, but we’ll keep you informed on that as more information becomes available.

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