Aerosoft Aircraft A330 SimBrief Integration Preview and New Renders

A closer look at the onboard EFB coming to Aerosoft’s A330 for MSFS.

Posted: 04-Apr-2022 @ 17:21z
Aerosoft Aircraft A330 SimBrief Integration Preview and New Renders

Aerosoft’s A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to make progress towards an eventual release on the platform. In the latest series of information from the project manager, Mathijs Kok, we have seen new SimBrief integration and also some new renders of the plane.

SimBrief Integration

The SimBrief integration will be part of the onboard EFB that is being developed for the aircraft product. The onboard EFB will give virtual pilots easy access to various elements of the product such as adding/removing fuel and payload, viewing charts and more. One element that will be surely helpful to many simmers is integration with SimBrief.

Aerosoft appears to be going one step above the norm with their SimBrief integration with their A330 as the data being pulled in will be able to be applied to the aircraft itself. From the new previews, the integration will pull in the departure and arrival information, along with the applicable airport’s weather. Alongside that, the OFP will also be presented directly within the EFB itself. It will be interesting to see whether other elements such as the fuel and zero fuel weight will also be automatically pulled into the aircraft via the SimBrief plan.

Robert from the team will continue working on the integration and we can’t wait to see more.

New Renders

Whilst we saw a sneaky preview of the A330 rendered in Microsoft Flight Simulator not so long ago, modelling work continues. This week, we see that the decals on the gear bay have undergone work. Rivet-counters can rejoice as you can actually start counting them.

Future Airbus Aircraft

As we posted a few weeks ago, Aerosoft has intentions on bringing other Airbus aircraft to the simulator following the A330. It’s looking likely it will be the narrow-body A320 series, since the A350 and the A380 were effectively rulled out.

Release Dates?

No mention of a release date from Aerosoft yet, but we know it hasn’t even entered beta testing yet. That would indicate that a release isn’t even on the cards yet.

That’s all from Aerosoft about the A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator at this point in time. As always, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with the latest development for the wide-bodied Airbus aircraft.

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