Aeroplane Heaven Updates P-51D Mustang for MSFS

This classic fighter has been updated to improve on the original release.

Posted: 25-Jan-2022 @ 19:49z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z
Aeroplane Heaven Updates P-51D Mustang for MSFS

A new update for the P51 Mustang from Aeroplane Heaven has dropped. The new update corrects a few bugs and adds additional texture work to improve on the original release.

The first bug fix on the list is that the fuel gauge now shows the correct amount of fuel, whilst another fix corrects the bands on the ‘old crow’ spinner. In addition, new texturing was added such as ‘super chrome’ restored texture and also missing repaint textures. Finally, the spinner shape has been tweaked.

This is a minor update, but one that owners of the Aeroplane Heaven P51 Mustang will likely appreciate.

Vendors have been informed of the new version and you will be able to download it from your original store of purchase.

Aeroplane Heaven’s rendition of the plane includes similar high-quality modelling and (PBR) textures as can be found in several of their previous releases. The team also claims the plane has accurate flight dynamics and performance, which they have based on real flight tests. Additionally, the team has also included a bunch of extra’s such as a U.S. military pilot and special code to simulator tail-dragger behaviour. Furthermore, you can ‘open up’ several parts of the plane to inspect its insides, such as the engine covers and ammunition bays.

The Aeroplane Heaven P-51D Mustang is available for $35.95.

Aeroplane Heaven P-51D Mustang Update Changelog

  • Fuel gauge corrections to show correct amount of fuel.
  • Altitude needle maths changed to correctly indicate 10000 , 1000 , 100 ft increments.
  • Addition of the missing repaint texture – Factory used
  • Addition of a super chrome restored texture.
  • Settings for the stock Asobo jet fighter bone dome pilot ( readme found in the documentation folder).
  • Added the missing page to the manual on the take off procedures.
  • Tweaked the spinner shape.
  • Corrected the bands on “Old crow” spinner.
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