Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 Released

Aeroplane Heaven is well known for developing highly realistic vintage warbirds. Their new Hawker Hurricane…

Posted: 18-Jan-2020 @ 03:26z
Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 Released

Aeroplane Heaven is well known for developing highly realistic vintage warbirds. Their new Hawker Hurricane is no exception.


This aircraft is jam-packed with a lot of features that are unique to the aircraft. A fully completed and highly detailed Rolls Royce Merlin engine under the removable engine covers. This engine powered the famous Spitfire and Lancaster bomber for those who are unfamiliar with this V12 engine. Remove some more covers and you can find the 8 Browning machine guns that like the engine, are fully detailed and include the ammunition chutes in the gun bay. Been shot down? Have no fear, because you can jettison the canopy and bail out to live and fight another day. When you first start up the aircraft, be sure to look at the exhaust to see flames shoot out upon starting the massive 1000 horsepower V12 engine.  This package also includes the Sea Hurricane which allows you to land and take off from a carrier deck. This means you have a retractable tail-hook and catapult bobbins on the aircraft for carrier operations. In the exterior view, you can swap between an authentic Battle of Britain flight pilot or a modern pilot.

Moving on into the interior of the Aeroplane Heaven Hurricane, just like the exterior model, the virtual cockpit is authentic to the real aircraft and has every single switch, button and knob the real Hurricane has and they are fully functional and will have some effect on the aircraft. An accurate Collimated gunsight can also be used if you find yourself in an air to air dog fight or attacking ground targets. Also included is a working rear-view mirror for P3Dv4 users only. This will allow you to see what is behind you without having to physically move to look back. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to land without gear or ditch the aircraft. the propeller will bend backward upon impact with the ground or water. This will also visually damage the spinner on the nose of the aircraft as well. The pilot in the aircraft will also put on his/her oxygen mask in relation to the altitude you are flying at.


This incredible aircraft is available for all versions of FSX and P3D v2+ for $32.95USD. However, be mindful when you make your purchase to make sure you are buying the correct package. There is an FSX, P3Dv2.x v3.x and v4.3 (non-PBR) package as well as a package for P3D V4.4 and .5 where PBR is available. If you desire, there is a bundle package available for 42.95 which will give you everything from FSX to P3Dv4.5. The Hawker Hurricane Mk1 can be purchased from the Aeroplane Heaven product page and Simmarket. Note that if you wish to make the  Hurricane Bundle purchase via Simmarket, adding both packages to your cart will get you the bundle price. Also, be sure to follow Aeroplane Heaven on their Facebook Page for updates regarding their ongoing projects and future developments.


The following liveries are included in the package:

V6864 DT-A Flown by Squadron Leader Robert “Bob” Stanford-Tuck, commanding 257 Squadron RAF Coltishall, 1940

P3576 GN-A Flown by Flight Lieutenant James Brindley Nicolson, 249 Squadron RAF Leconfield, Yorkshire August 1940. Nicolson was the only Battle of Britain pilot to be awarded the Victoria Cross, following action on the 16th of August in which he was shot down, suffering horrendous burns. Despite his horrific injuries, Nicolson pressed home his attack and destroyed an ME110. before bailing out.

P2921 GZ-L Flown by (then) acting Flight Leader “Pete” Brothers, 32 Squadron RAF Biggin Hill 1940

R4175 RF-R Flown by Polish pilot Josef Frantisek RAFVR 303 Squadron (Warsaw) RAF September 1940. Frantisek successfully crash-landed this aeroplane having been battle-damaged in a skirmish with a Bf109

V7357 SD-F Flown by FltSgt J.H. “Ginger” Lacy 501 Squadron RAF Gravesend September 1940. “Ginger” Lacy was another fearless pilot who became a famous top-scoring “ace” during the Battle of Britain.

P2923 VY-R Flown by PO Albert Lewis 85 Squadron RAF Castle Camps (Debden) July 1940. Lewis typified the spirit of the young men who flew in the Battle of Britain. A confirmed “ace”, he was shot down in flames on the 28th of September 1940. Despite severe burns and shrapnel wounds and temporary blindness, he recovered to fly again in 1941 becoming a Flight Commander with a DFC and Bar. His final tally was 18.

P2725 TM-B Flown by Flight Lieutenant Raymond T Holmes 504 Squadron RAF. It was in this aircraft that Holmes, out of ammunition, deliberately rammed a Dornier and the first enemy aircraft over London causing it to crash into Victoria Station. Holmes survived both the ramming and the war.

P3675 UF-S Flown by Flight Lieutenant Michael “Mike” Robinson 601 Squadron RAF Exeter 1940. Whilst flying this machine, Robinson destroyed 4 aircraft with another claimed damaged. He was posted to 238 Squadron on September 28th, 1940 This aircraft carries unconventional striped markings and a red, white and blue spinner. None of which was officially sanctioned by the RAF.

R4118 UP-W Flown by Various pilots of 605 Squadron RAF Drem 17th August 1940. Flying 49 sorties in the Battle of Britain it is credited with 5 victories. What makes this particular aircraft special is that it still survives to this day, in flying status, making it the only genuine Battle veteran still flying.

R4118 RESTORED. This famous fighter has been meticulously restored following a checkered career and latterly languishing in an Indian university back yard until 1996. Today it flies as a fitting tribute to the men who flew and fought in the Battle of Britain

V7467 LE-D Flown by Squadron Leader Douglas Bader 242 Squadron RAF Coltishall 1940. Bader “the legless ace” scored most of his Battle of Britain victories in this machine before transferring to Spitfires. It carries his famous “booting Hitler” nose art. Bader was eventually shot down and taken prisoner for the rest of the war.



NOTE: A professional-quality paint kit will be made available after the product launch. This enables anyone with re-painting abilities to add further liveries depicting more famous aircraft.

Authentic flight dynamics, stereo sound package and a full suite of special effects are included.

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