Aeroplane Heaven DC3 / C47 Preview Images and Sound Video

The classic aircraft is making excellent progress based on this range of previews.

Posted: 22-Mar-2022 @ 16:05z
Aeroplane Heaven DC3 / C47 Preview Images and Sound Video

Aeroplane Heaven’s DC3/C47 continue to make progress and things appear to be nearing completion. Over on Facebook, the aircraft developer posted over 70 new previews of both variants in action as well as a new preview video highlighting the new sound recordings.

On Facebook, Aeroplane Heaven said, “we are now very close to release, [so] we thought we would show you some new preview, in-game shots of the package.” In addition, we also found out that the C47 model will come with droppable paratroops, along with two versions, short and long “hedgehog” exhausts.

The DC3 (passenger variant) will also have various configurations allowing you to adjust the doors and cargo holds. We also now know the livery list that will come with the DC3/C47 when it is released, all of which are at the bottom of this post.

In addition to a large number of preview images, we also were given a sound test video. This video highlights the soundscape included with the plane. It’s confirmed by Aeroplane Heaven that the sound package has been recorded from a real-life DC3. You can get a small glimpse in the video below.

Aeroplane Heaven says that testing is ongoing as we await the release of the two-pack aircraft package. As usual, we’ll be sure to follow the development and keep you updated.


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