ActiveSkyP3D Beta Release Candidate 1 Posted

Hifi Simulation Technologies, known for their Active Sky weather add-on for FSX and P3D, has…

Posted: 07-Nov-2020 @ 09:15z
ActiveSkyP3D Beta Release Candidate 1 Posted

Hifi Simulation Technologies, known for their Active Sky weather add-on for FSX and P3D, has released the RC1 for their upcoming ASP3D software. ActiveSkyP3D was introduced with Prepar3D V5 but is also compatible with V4. It is in late beta stages – current version now B7613 – but is only available for previous Active Sky for Prepar3D V4 (which is a different product) users, who needed to register for open beta access before October 10th, 2020.

This new version is now fully compatible with Prepar3D V5.1 and with trueSky Enhanced Atmospherics, which is one of the major feature of Prepar3D V5 and went out of beta with the release of Prepar3D V5.1. The current release of Prepar3D V5.1 still has several issues related to Enhance Atmospherics, and an update which will probably be in the form of a Hotfix is expected within the next few days. Both teams have acknowledged working closely on the matter. You will find the current issue list just below the change log.


  • P3D 5.1 integrated
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode enhancements and depiction tuning
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode enhanced integration with modified cloud visual parameters
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode visibility smoothing implemented
  • P3D 5.1 EA Mode effective surface visibility increase for more expected visibility results
  • Added new option “Disable EA volumetric cloud control” – Default OFF – When OFF, ASP3D controls the parameters available in the new volumetricclouds.cfg for improved visual experience – When ON, ASP3D does not control control or affect these parameters – Turn this option ON if you wish to use customized volumetricclouds.cfg modifications
  • Fixed potential interpolation issue related to high-elevation airports and temperature
  • Fixed VATSIM METAR fetching issue

Known Issues

  • Occasional grid patterns in clouds especially when looking directly up or down from aircraft, worse with higher coverage layers such as cirrus and stratus overcast
  • Not compatible with traditional FSX/P3D environment/weather graphics add-ons and related content (cloud models, cloud textures, sky textures, cirrus textures)
  • Not compatible with ASCA Cloud Textures, ASCA Cloud Models, or ASCA Sky Textures
  • Not compatible with cloud detection and sprite awareness features including in-cloud motion effect, in-cloud visibility reduction, and high-resolution precipitation display and control.
  • Not compatible with Active Sky non-EA mode smooth cloud transitions feature (5.1 EA Mode includes its own internal smooth cloud transitions)
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