A2A Simulations Preparing Comanche 250 Tutorial Videos

The long-awaited Comanche by A2A Simulations is getting closer and closer with each day.

Posted: 16-May-2023 @ 15:29z
A2A Simulations Preparing Comanche 250 Tutorial Videos

Back in January, we learned that A2A Simulations had put its Microsoft Flight Simulator version of the Comanche 250 into beta testing. Whilst beta testing had been underway since before then, it has been quite a lengthy process for the team – as has the wait itself for us simmers. However, that wait may be nearly over for us to see some of the first real footage of the plane in action.

Over on the A2A Simulations forums, Scott Gentile has confirmed they have been working on the tutorial videos for the aircraft. He said, “[this] says a lot about the state of the project. It’s mind blowing experiencing this aircraft behaving precisely like an airplane I know so well.”

For those expecting it to suddenly release may have to keep their expectations in check as Scott made it clear these videos will still take a little while to produce. “These tutorial vids are going to take a while then once done we do a final last run with beta and it’s out.”

He wouldn’t comment on a release date at this time, but did share further excitement for how true-to-life this simulation is within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

There are countless times we run out to test the Comanche against something new against the system. We do it because when everything is right to the core, it’s not just cool to experience, but it makes our quality of life as developers better. When you have this phenomenal platform just chugging along creating this realism, in what is an awesome looking MSFS world, it’s just convincing on an all new level.

A2A Simulations Forum

Scott concluded in the forum thread that they have spent more time and resources on this project than anything else in the past before it. “We have invested over four times the time and resources than any prior aircraft.

You can read a bit more about the plane’s development process in our last post.

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