A2A Simulations Offers FREE Accu-Sim P-40 for Everyone

A2A Simulations has offered everyone in the flight simulation community a free copy of their P-40 for P3D. The news comes as everyone in the world starts to adjust to new life with the current pandemic.…

Posted: 18-Mar-2020 @ 18:06z
A2A Simulations Offers FREE Accu-Sim P-40 for Everyone

A2A Simulations has offered everyone in the flight simulation community a free copy of their P-40 for P3D. The news comes as everyone in the world starts to adjust to new life with the current pandemic. A2A Simulations are offering this out of goodwill for anyone and everyone who is looking to pass the time during the situation.

To get your free Accu-Sim P40, you simply need to head to the A2A Simulations store, add a copy to the cart and proceed as if you were buying any other aircraft. You will need to make an account should you not already have one. Of course, A2A Simulations also offer some of the best GA aircraft also available for the platform, so be sure to check them out also.

As a reminder, this aircraft is incredibly detailed and offers a complete simulation experience for the aircraft type. It includes such features as dynamic cockpit lighting, a complete maintenance hanger and system failures. Of course, other features include high-resolution modelling and texture work and detailed systems that will test your piloting skills.

A2A Simulations also concluded the Facebook post by letting people know of various communities they run and also some online group flights that are taking place over the next week. You can read about it on their Facebook post.

Note: The store appears to be down right now, but keeping checking over the next few hours.

Accum-Sim P-40 Features

  • Rugged, fast, and manoeuvrable.
  • As with every A2A aircraft, it is gorgeously constructed, inside and out, down to the last rivet.
  • Designed and built to be flown “By The Book“.
  • Functional mirror (Can to fine-tuned or turned off to suit performance needs).
  • Visual Real-Time Load Manager, with the ability to load fuel and stores in real-time.
  • Dynamic Cockpit Lighting.
  • Five different models, P-40B, P-40C, AVG model, RAF Tomahawk, and Russian Tomahawk.
  • Feel the exhilaration of flying an Accu-Sim-powered P-40 Warhawk.
  • Curtiss multi-position and/or constant speed type electric propeller.
  • Inertia starter with inertia wheel and engagement.
  • Complete maintenance hangar including landing gear, internal systems and detailed engine tests including compression checks.
  • Understand how a high-performance aircraft behaves and see how well you can cope with all of the unexpected things that can happen. No two flights are ever the same.
  • Piston combustion engine modeling. Air comes in, it mixes with fuel and ignites, parts move, heat up, and all work in harmony to produce the wonderful sound of a V-12, liquid-cooled racing engine. Now the gauges look beneath the skin of your aircraft and show you what Accu-Sim is all about.
  • Spark plugs can clog and eventually foul if the engine is allowed to idle too low for too long. Throttling up an engine with oil-soaked spark plugs can help clear them out and smoke.
  • Overheating can cause scoring of cylinder head walls which could ultimately lead to failure if warnings are ignored and overly abused.
  • Large engined aircraft like the P-40 like to be in the air, not on the ground. So don’t idle for too long, get in the air where the air supply is plentiful.
  • System failures, including flaps that can independently jam or break based on the actual forces put upon them. If you deploy your flaps at too high a speed, you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation.
  • Oil pressure system is affected by oil viscosity (oil thickness). Oil viscosity is affected by oil temp and oil dilution level. Now when you start the engine, you need to be careful and not raise RPM too much until the oil temp is high enough to give proper oil pressure. If you raise RPM too high on a cold engine, especially very cold, oil pressure can rise to over 150 psi. Oil pump failure can result. Extended inverted flight (negative g) can uncover the oil sump and reduce oil pressure. Do not fly in a negative g situation for more than 5 seconds.
  • Oxygen starvation (hypoxia) is modeled. Just take off and climb without oxygen to see.
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