A1R Design Bureau Releases Shavrov Sh-2 for MSFS

Fly anywhere with the A1R Shavrov Sh-2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Posted: 03-May-2023 @ 23:26z
A1R Design Bureau Releases Shavrov Sh-2 for MSFS

Developer A1R Design Bureau has released their latest addition to Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Shavrov Sh-2.

The Shavrov Sh-2 was a Soviet single-engine amphibious aircraft designed by Vadim Borisovich Shavrov in the 1930s, it was primarily used for reconnaissance and air-sea rescue missions. The Sh-2 was a high-wing monoplane with one 5-cylinder radial piston engine mounted above the wing, its retractable landing gear made it capable of taking off and landing on both land and water and could also accommodate a crew of three.

The first prototype of the Sh-2 flew in 1930, and it entered service with the Soviet Air Forces in the mid 30s. It was also used by Aeroflot, for passenger and cargo transport. During World War II, the Sh-2 was used for coastal reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare, as well as search and rescue missions. Despite its usefulness, production of the Sh-2 was limited due to the demands of the war, and it was eventually phased out in favour of more advanced aircraft.

A1R Design Bureau rendition features a highly detailed recreation of the Shavrov Sh-2 including a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flight model with new propeller simulation system, switchable Metric/Imperial set of gauges and labels, high-definition PBR materials throughout and an Audiokinetic Wwise sound set.

You can purchase the A1R Design Bureau Shavrov Sh-2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator from Just Flight for £15.99 here.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) flight model with new propeller simulation system.
  • switchable set of gauges and labels consisting of the original layout (Metric) and English (Imperial).
  • PBR high-definition materials.
  • Audiokinetic Wwise sound set.
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