A New In-Sim Assistant Now Available for MSFS: Sky4Sim Pad

Display plentiful information with the new Sky4Sim Pad for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

14 Dec 2021 12:00z

A brand new product from a new developer has been released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This new in-sim assistant is called Sky4Sim Pad and acts as a new toolbox to help you navigate and fly in the simulator.

The team say you will never need to ‘ALT+TAB’ anymore with Sky4Sim Pad as it will display everything you will need directly within Microsoft Flight Simulator. You will be able to gather airport information, see charts, your route and more all through this tablet-like device.

The Sky4Sim Pad will allow you to display Bing Maps with various layers, along with showing you VOR and NDB information in their correct locations. The map filters will also allow you to show specific airports with certain requirements such as ILS equipment and runways.

In addition to maps, the toolkit will be able to show you airport details (e.g. elevation, runways, frequencies) along with real-world weather reports. There is also a PDF reader and flight planner all built into the toolkit.

The Sky4Sim Pad can be purchased from their website for $16.90. If you’re using a VR headset, you should check out their FAQ for compatibility information.

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