29Palms Releases Mykonos Airport for MSFS

Whilst 29Palms has been busy working on Contrail, the development team has also found time to create Mykonos Airport (LGMK) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Released moments ago via the Contrail store, Mykonos Airport is an exciting destination for any flight simmer thanks to its short runway and interesting approach.

The airport is visited regularly by numerous European airlines bringing tourists from around the world to the island of Mykonos. Known for its luxury apartments and villas, the island is very scenic, especially when on the final approach. Despite the popularity, there are only 7 parking spaces which may mean you are going to be held whilst the airport clears to make space. The relatively short runway also means that often airlines traveling towards the UK have to make a tech-stop to refuel due to weight limitations.

As with other 29Plams products in the past, there are a number of features that make Mykonos really stand out. For example, the highly detailed apron is littered with objects found at the airport, whilst the markings are lifelike. Furthermore, there is a sloped runway based on real-world data and custom windsocks.

In addition to the smaller features, there has been an extensive amount of work on the terminal building itself. The modeling has been completed to a high standard and comes with 4K PBR texturing. Finally, 29Palms has included custom boats and ships at the island’s ports and added three heliports for those wishing the explore in a chopper.

You can buy 29Plams’ Mykonos Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from the Contrail Store for €12,56 (excluding taxes).


  • Detailed representation of the terraforming of the airport’s surrounding area
  • Sloped runway
  • High-detailed 3d objects and buildings
  • High detailed ground polygons and textures
  • Animated apron vehicles
  • Custom animated windsocks
  • Detailed representation of the airport’s parking area.
  • High detailed apron including the new airport’s layout lines and signs.
  • High detailed night lighting most of it being “physical” (dynamic lighting)
  • Fully custom taxiway, runway, reil and tower beacon lights. All the lights have been designed from scratch with custom 3d objects. Moreover, the intensity and color of their glow has been trimmed so that the outcome is much less intense and much closer to the real airport
  • Custom Hazard beacon lights at airport’s surrounding area (on top of the surrounding hills)
  • Custom boats and ships at the island’s port
  • Three existing heliports are present in the scenery
  • Three characteristic landmarks have been added to the scenery
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