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10 Reasons to Visit FlightSimExpo 2024 this June

There’s many reasons to visit FlightSimExpo this year, but here are 10 we think you will certainly want to know about. See you in June!

10 Reasons to Visit FlightSimExpo 2024 this June
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We are less than one month away from the US’ largest gathering of flight simulation enthusiasts in the heart of Las Vegas. FlightSimExpo 2024 is shaping up to be the biggest yet, thanks to a huge number of exhibitors, a fantastic list of activities, and plenty of interesting seminars.

With so much happening during the weekend, we wanted to summarise 10 reasons to visit FlightSimExpo 2024 this June.

Before you read, here are the key pieces of information for you:

Location: Rio, Las Vegas (Nevada, US)

Dates: Friday, June 21st – Sunday, June 23rd 2024

Tickets: Buy them Here

These reasons are in no particular order, as they’re all equally important.

Reason #1 – Hands-On Experience

Dozens of developers and creators attend FSExpo every year, but unlike some of the conferences and fairs you might attend for your day job they don’t just come with a roller banner and leaflets. On the main show floor you will get the chance to try out the latest hardware and software products, as well as (sometimes) whole new simulators. It’s the ultimate try before you buy experience!

In addition to what exhibitors are showing off, you could also take part in the VR Experience Center, where you can go hands-on with the latest kit. Additionally, if you’ve ever wanted to build your own hardware, now you can. The Cockpit Building Workshop will give you everything you need to create your own home-cockpit component and then take it home.

Reason #2 – Exclusive Product Launches and Reveals

FlightSimExpo has an area set aside for developers to give presentations, and in the past, this has served as an area to make big public announcements on new and existing flight sim products. Sure you could get that news over the internet… but nothing beats being in the room to see it.

On Friday 21st June, we are expecting no fewer than 15 big announcements to be announced at the show. Why not be among the very first to find out about the latest advancements in flight simulation and come on down to the conference centre?

Reason #3 – Keynote Speakers

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a developer, or a 3D artist? What about a content creator or streamer? How about how you can use flight simulation to help in your real-world aviation career? FSExpo also hosts several keynote speeches from key players in the industry and associated media who will be keen to share their insights and experiences with you.

If you’ve ever fancied getting involved with building a plane or starting a Twitch channel, the professionals are all here to tell you exactly how you can get started and what to expect on your journey.

Reason #4 – Exclusive Discounts

Who doesn’t love a bargain? At FSExpo there are usually plenty going around. In fact, if you’re so inclined I’m willing to bet you could probably find discount codes at FSExpo (based on previous years) equal in value to the cost of your entry fee and ticket!

At FSElite, we’ve been able to bag a few exclusive deals which will only be available in our magazine at our stand on the show floor, so if you want a bargain be sure to stop by and enquire.

Reason #5 – Engaging with the Community

FSExpo brings together flight simmers from all over the world, showcasing the vibrant and diverse community of aviation enthusiasts that enjoy simulated flying. You’ll have the chance to meet like-minded individuals, share experiences, and forge valuable connections with fellow simmers, developers, and industry professionals. If you’re the kind of person who wants to play an active role in the FS community, or become the change you want to see within it, then attending FSExpo is a great place to start on that journey.

Reason #6 – Ask Developers Questions & See Product Demos

This year, for the first time, we have our very own stage in the middle of the main exhibition hall. During the weekend, you can expect to hear from a huge number of developers all being interviewed live on stage. You can be part of the audience and ask them questions, and get a live response.

Furthermore, a number of developers (TBC) will be also there showcasing their products to you live, giving you deeper insight into what is coming up next for flight simulation.

Reason #7 – Flight Sim Community Meetups

A lot is going on at FSExpo, but once the conference centre closes down, I don’t think many people just call it a day and go home.

You can usually find the nearby bars and restaurants teeming with attendees and exhibitors out on social events, and there are plenty of these events you can book ahead of time as well if you’re more the kind of person who likes to plan things out. FSExpo might be taking place during the day, but the fun does continue into the wee hours, especially on the Las Vegas strip!

Reason #8 – Off-Site Community Activities

Speaking of out-of-show-hour activities, FlightSimExpo has put together a list of different things you can do with community members after-hours. This includes doing group activities like visiting LAS TRACON and Tower Tour, head to The Mob Museum Group Tour, or take part in an Escape Room and see who has the brains.

It’s a great way to extend the bonds that you make during the many hours at the show itself.

Reason #9 – Social and Connection Opportunities

Following a busy afternoon of product reveals and announcements, there will be an Attendee Welcome Reception. This Friday-only reception will give everyone the chance to mingle, drink, and eat with like-minded people. It is the perfect way to talk to people about all the great seminars you just saw in the room.

Furthermore, if you’re an FSA Captain, you can also add-on the Captain’s only buffet dinner where you will get a free iniBuilds product, a SIMMARKET mug, and the chance to win plenty of prizes. And of course, food and drink too.

Reason #10 – Learn to Developer Scenery and Aircraft

Laminar Research will be hosting a series of seminars allowing anyone to go from zero experience to being able to start creating their own scenery and aircraft. This is a 90-minute tutorial on a laptop computer where you design with the instructor in real-time. All materials are provided and no prior experience is required!


So there you go, our top 10 reasons you should be at FlightSimExpo 2024 this June. Meet people, engage with the latest products and try things for yourself with hands-on experiences. With something for everyone, it’s a no-brainer to want to be a part of the show this year.

Don’t forget, you can get your weekend ticket right now. Don’t wait though as tickets may sell out if capacity exceeds what the Rio Hotel can handle.

We’ll see you in June!

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